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an entertainer who attracts large audiences

(physics) a point in the ideal multidimensional phase space that is used to describe a system toward which the system tends to evolve regardless of the starting conditions of the system

a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts

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Caption: Figure 15: Pspice simulation results showing the coexistence of five different attractors for Ra2 = 14.65k[ohm] (a pair of chaotic attractors, a pair of period-1 limit cycle, and a symmetric chaotic attractor).
These threat attractors are outside the military realm of the definition of national security, but still tied up to geography and terrain, therefore has the commonality with military threat which almost always is territorial.
Finally, these pathways with adjusted P-values <0.05 were regarded as attractor modules.
(2) [{S(t)}.sub.t [greater than or equal to] 0] is asymptotically compact on X, then there exists a global attractor A for [{S(t)}.sub.t [greater than or equal to] 0] in X, which is given by
Julia set is the boundary of the area of complex variable values of [X.sub.n], belonging to which ensures the convergence of the iteration expression (2) to the attractor. To construct Julia sets, we used the standard method (Sekovanov, 2013).
Probability of occupation of the atractor [P.sub.OA]: ratio between the number of squares occupied by the cardiac attractor and the totality of squares in the generalized space of box counting.
In total, the Tourism Attractor Destination programme has been approved with 27.7m ERDF towards a total project cost of 61.8m that will see thirteen strategic infrastructure projects realised up to 2021.
Moreover, compared with the native Attractor algorithm requiring cohesion parameter [lambda], E-Attractor with parameter k is more robust.
The developments at Pendine are part of the Welsh Government's wider EU funded Tourism Attractor Destination programme, led by Visit Wales, which aims to create 13 mustsee destinations across Wales.
To the best of our knowledge, there is no literature treating nonautonomous dynamics (including random dynamics) for the Schrodinger equation, even in the simple case for the existence of a pullback attractor, although the theory and application of pullback attractors had been widely developed for many other PDEs (see [12-16]), and for pullback random attractors, see, for example, [17-20].
As all of us know, the asymptotic behavior of dynamical systems, which can be studied by attractor, is an important problem.
On the contrary, an attractor is defined by the negative of Gaussian given in (1) as follows:
The trajectories of chaotic attractor are swirling around one of the two equilibrium points in Figure 4.
The phase diagrams listed in Figure 1 show that the chaotic attractor trajectory has ergodicity and boundedness in a specific attraction domain.