attractive nuisance

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anything on your premises that might attract children into danger or harm

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To avoid such liability, public entities must take proactive steps to ensure that attractive nuisances on their property are either eliminated or carefully protected.
In evaluating whether a landowner is liable for an attractive nuisance a court may weigh:
But by the virtue of the attractive nuisance doctrine, the landowner's negligence is not excused by the child's status as a trespasser.
The attractive nuisance doctrine is frequently used for electrical hazards, as in the case where a judge held that the catwalk over a catenary wire on the outside of a fenced railroad bridge could be such an attractive nuisance.
It will become an attractive nuisance sitting in southern Indiana we just can't have.
Should a wandering cougar happen to gain access to an open chicken coop or take down another free-ranging goat, perhaps wildlife officials will hand the negligent livestock owner a citation for creating an attractive nuisance.
Plaintiffs claimed by way of an attractive nuisance, the responsibilities of the parties hereto.
It's an attractive nuisance that has not, as yet, attracted the attention of the teenagers who regularly drink beer in the woods and scribble profanities on the bike path.
To teach the concept of mindfulness to lawyers and law students, Rogers has developed a program called Jurisight, which uses legal terms and concepts like pain and suffering, attractive nuisance, due diligence, and hearsay to teach and reinforce the mindfulness practices.
Demolition of a fire trap, a structural catastrophe waiting to happen, or an attractive nuisance and replacing it with structured open space may well represent an improvement to your overall program.
But the day the house was trucked the half-mile to Frommer's property, a county inspector issued him a citation labeling the structure an attractive nuisance, Kennedy said.
Sandra, who leveraged her past experience in child injury cases into forming the firm's Children and Product Liability Group, is committed to defending product manufacturers in cases involving child product safety and attractive nuisance claims, not only because of the highly emotional and significant financial impacts, but also the critical risk to the organization's reputation as many cases can become "bet the company" litigation.
All the traffic planning in the world is not going to solve the issue of the attractive nuisance that Hoover High School is to people who do not belong there,'' said Hank Paz, chairman of a joint traffic safety committee, ``And that's what we have to keep in the backs of our minds.
The house "especially being empty is starting to become an attractive nuisance," he said.
He said, ``The city wasted public funds and created an attractive nuisance by failing to restrict Internet use.