attractive nuisance

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anything on your premises that might attract children into danger or harm

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The old swimming pool and ungroomed land are known in tort law as "attractive nuisances"--potentially harmful objects or environments that are interesting to children who do not fully appreciate the risks presented.
An attractive nuisance is something that attracts children, and where they might get injured.
A third category of unaffected claims involves tort actions in which the attractive nuisance doctrine applies.
This hits too close to our industry and our sense of danger as an attractive nuisance."
As a graceless technique of law enforcement, they would deny basic services to the children of illegals, and they speak of rounding up 12 million mainly Latin Americans for deportation, forgetting the signal fact that over the years, by our lack of a policy, neglect of enforcement, and systematic indecision we have at the very least made of ourselves an attractive nuisance.
Miles, author of Qualitative Data, an Attractive Nuisance, Bowman is a "soft-nosed positivist," with one foot planted in the scientific methods and traditions of his training and the other equally firmly rooted in the murkier philosophical questions of meaning.
The suit will also cite the ways in which the large illuminated Coke and Pepsi machines lining school halls and cafeterias are an "attractive nuisance."
Child trespassers, however, are sometimes protected by a doctrine known as attractive nuisance. There appears to be no mention of attractive nuisance in the economics analysis of law literature, other than a passing comment by Landes and Posner (1987, 95-96):
Because water is generally regarded as an attractive nuisance, and most accidents occurring in the aquatic environment are preventable, aquatic accidents are often the subject of lawsuits, sometimes resulting in large financial awards as a result of negligence.
These facilities store the wastewater in large evaporation ponds that are an even greater attractive nuisance for birds and other wildlife.
The Trocadero Transfer, located several blocks away, shut its doors after being deemed an "attractive nuisance" in February.
A third exception is known as the attractive nuisance exception, in which a situation is deemed so attractive to children that it invites their trespass.
The legal position of the cigarette manufacturers with regard to this "attractive nuisance" concept is much worse: The children in question are paying customers (not trespassers), and they are hooked before they have the adult sense to understand the dangers of smoking.
"It will become an attractive nuisance sitting in southern Indiana we just can't have."
It almost sounds like this was an attractive nuisance, and it's not surprising that adventure-seeking kids would visit the property.