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8 kHz, the amplitude of the exciting voltage 80 V, and there is developed the attractive force up to 25 N.
Thick mires can cause the IOP to be overestimated by as much as 5mmHg due to the decrease in the attractive force of the tear film.
The attractive force between two annealed strands is a fixed value based on total number of H-bonds; the thermal energy acting to try to vibrate the strands apart of course is not fixed, and can be manipulated by heating or cooling of the environment.
These magnets have an attractive force that creates a bunching of the magnets in the spacious bladder after emerging from the urethral conduit.
A garden gnome named Kern is traveling the globe to make a point: The attractive force of gravity is not the same everywhere on Earth (see diagram, right).
RE Rolls are constructed with neodymium-boron-iron rare earth permanent magnets, an extremely powerful magnetic material with at least 10 times the attractive force of conventional magnets, notes the company.
Albert Einstein (1879-1955), considered second only to Newton as a really deep thinker, concluded that gravity is not an attractive force like magnetism but a response to the distortion of space-time by matter.
Due to the effect of surface tension, liquid surface always has a trend of contraction, which is transformed to be attractive force (called Laplace Attraction (Bharat, 2006)) acting on the convex hull.
Because quality nursing is one of the most important factors in enlisting high caliber physicians and specialists, Magnet status becomes an attractive force that extends to the entire facility.
Gravity is an attractive force, which means anything with mass attracts anything else with mass.
The attractive force is so high, keeping the particles apart in order to allow the aluminum or magnesium to bond with them takes a lot of energy.
By acknowledging the universality of that attractive force, the grip of relativism on the minds of intellectuals might be attenuated, and, perhaps, the basis for the unity of knowledge established.
Also, note that there is a small attractive force when the tip snaps out of the surface as it is leaving.
Passion speaks for itself and is a powerfully attractive force.
The unique system uses the attractive force between negatively charged dust particles and a positively charged filter to powerfully remove dust and hygienically clean the air.