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Magnets gained popularity in the field of maxillofacial prosthesis due to their small size and strong attractive forces.
8 kHz, the amplitude of the exciting voltage 80 V, and there is developed the attractive force up to 25 N.
Some describe this phenomenon as "the attractive force of a utopian politics," while others have maintained that these people set out with the aim of "having a story of their own.
When a magnetic field is applied, the attractive force balances with the repulsive force of the CNCs, forcing the CNCs to self-align into a lattice-like structure.
The surface tension of the tear film is responsible for the attractive force between the tears and the tonometer probe tip.
When you slide your finger on the electrode plate, you create an electrically induced attractive force, increasing the dynamic friction: the sensation of texture.
Putting energy in empty space produces a repulsive gravitational force opposing the attractive force produced by matter, including the dark matter that is inferred to dominate the mass of essentially all galaxies, but which doesn't interact directly with light and therefore can only be estimated by its gravitational influence.
Instead of binder chemicals, the developed technology uses the attractive force originated from electrostatic interaction.
Dubai is an incredibly attractive force for anything unique, so I can see this being really popular," he added.
If the strands are not complementary, then the H-bond donors and acceptors don't line up, and this collective attractive force isn't present to hold them together.
The attractive force of the magnetic beads was too great to be overcome by these methods.
The fluorescent colours, lavish sets and aesthetically shot yet complicated camera angles have a certain amount of attractive force pulling the viewers towards them.
A garden gnome named Kern is traveling the globe to make a point: The attractive force of gravity is not the same everywhere on Earth (see diagram, right).
RE Rolls are constructed with neodymium-boron-iron rare earth permanent magnets, an extremely powerful magnetic material with at least 10 times the attractive force of conventional magnets, notes the company.
RE Rolls are constructed with neodymium-boron-iron rare earth permanent magnets that are claimed to offer at least 10 times the attractive force of conventional magnets.