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a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts

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The rear garden is one of the most attractive features of this property being beautifully laid to lawn with attractive and mature borders and established trees such as a stunning acer and further wisteria and clematis decorating the borders.
An attractive feature for the many large, distributed Domino installations is the improved multi-server support.
The rider death benefit is fully or partially convertible as an addition to the base policy without evidence of insurability-- an attractive feature for young families or families with children in college.
which Castegan believes will be an attractive feature.
income (an attractive feature during the business's beginning years when losses are more likely).
Empowering both large employers and small businesses to quickly access, customize and fulfill branded prepaid cards for gift, incentive, rebate, loyalty, reward and recognition and many other prepaid card programs is a very attractive feature of this technology.
The most attractive feature of this collection is its diversity.
Our collaboration with MCS will help bring this expertise into more homes in a simple, integrated upgrade - helping families save money on their power bills while offering an attractive feature for potential future home resale.
Another attractive feature of NAI/Friedland Realty SpaceFinder is the substantial amount of information it provides.
The ability to simulate for patient the impact of the iZon Lens on their vision from the iPrint before the prescription is written is also an attractive feature for practitioners to use in explaining the benefits of the iZon Lens to patients.
Bentley adds that the flexibility of CoSign's CA was a very attractive feature as the company deals with a wide range of products for a number of different markets.
Colliers has a great leasing team in the Dallas area which was an extremely attractive feature to the equity investor.
Third Screen Media's ability to measure the effectiveness and reach of mobile advertising through its TSM|MediaEffect survey has also become an attractive feature for agencies looking to gain measurable results from mobile advertising campaigns.
Another attractive feature of the Sandia product is that all of the chemicals used to make TufFoam(TM) are commercially available in commodity quantities.