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Synonyms for attractive

Synonyms for attractive

Antonyms for attractive

pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm

having power to arouse interest

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having the properties of a magnet

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Summary: The key to looking attractive and healthy is as simple as a good night's sleep, new research suggests.
The report states that Saudi Arabia is one of most attractive markets in the region, because of it has "accumulated fiscal surpluses, a sound banking system and minimal real estate exposure."
MEN who do not find the shape of the curvier woman most attractive could be more likely to father children with autism, according to a study.
1 : having the power or quality of drawing interest <an attractive offer>
NEW Wales coach Warren Gatland is adamant he would rather win ugly than lose playing attractive rugby.
Researchers in the North have come up with an explanation for a mystery that has puzzled scientists for generations: why some people are more attractive than others.
These funds were attractive not only for their higher yields, but also for their unique monthly dividend-payment schedule.
Frank Patafio, principal at The Praedium Group, added, "The acquisition of One Newark Center presents an opportunity to realize attractive risk-adjusted returns from one of Newark's pre-eminent office towers.
The cleaner your gutters, the less attractive they will be to mosquitoes, ants, and other pests that are drawn to the moisture and harborage such debris provides.
However, as carriers began refining supplemental benefits with more desirable features and integrated services, they evolved over time to become attractive to HR managers.
65), the tax-free withdrawals for qualified medical expenses at any age make them particularly attractive to many plan participants.
An upper limit to non-Newtonian attractive forces is obtained from the measurement of quantum states of neutrons in the Earth's gravitational field.
Investors note that while organizations have traditionally turned to bank loans for money, bigger companies are increasingly turning to the country's bond market for financing, given the attractive financing rates and terms.
John Kerry and asked: "which candidate do you think is most attractive?" They then were asked to indicate who is more attractive: First Lady Laura Bush or the wife of the presidential challenger?
Splash pages are attractive, but they can interfere with a visitor getting to your site and are rarely used in LTC Web sites.