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Synonyms for attractive

Synonyms for attractive

Antonyms for attractive

pleasing to the eye or mind especially through beauty or charm

having power to arouse interest

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having the properties of a magnet

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The results showed that the participants responded that they were less likely to hire the more attractive candidate for the less desirable position and conversely more likely to hire the unattractive candidate for the less desirable job.
Lead researcher Margaret Lee from the London Business School said that the research suggests that attractive people may be discriminated against in selection for relatively less desirable jobs.
Participants were asked to rank 10 photographs of AC so that the most attractive picture should be ranked as number 1, and the least attractive picture should be ranked as 10.
The property briefly comprises a canopy storm porch leading through into a welcoming and decedent reception hall with access into a ground floor WC, an attractive formal lounge with dual aspect and an abundance of natural light and a stunning Minster fireplace, an attractive sitting room with dual aspect, spacious morning room offering ample space for casual dining and attractive views over the stunning rear garden and through access into a modern fitted kitchen with integrated appliances.
Dubai: Emirates NBD's Wealth Management division has identified the real estate/construction sector as the most attractive to invest in within the region's equity markets, particularly in the UAE and Qatar.
WEARING less make-up makes you more attractive, according to new research.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Children are more likely to trust an adult with an attractive face compared to an unattractive one.
However, it has not been established if attractive attributes that provide better quality and greater quantity for a customer make the customer more satisfied.
PEOPLE of mixed race are considered more attractive than people who are either black or white, new research claims.
The reasons why people of mixed race are regarded as more attractive could be due to societal perceptions about health or even a theory put forward by Darwin in the 19th century.
MEN want more casual sex and care far less how attractive a prospective conquest is than women do.
a cover letter with no photo, and four photo conditions -- attractive female, unattractive female, attractive male and unattractive male.
Scientists have a reason for why some people are more attractive than others.
These funds were attractive not only for their higher yields, but also for their unique monthly dividend-payment schedule.
The findings are the result of a study of 4,000 people by Grazia magazine to find what constitutes the "ultimate" attractive man and woman.