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capable of being magnetized or attracted by a magnet

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For example, 'Bradee Sharabee Asfar' landrace shows a combination of desirable traits with attractable yellow-purple skin color at maturity with pink-soft arils that is high in juice with a slightly acid taste.
complete addition of ammonia, magnetically attractable dark brown color solids, SPIONs, were observed.
However, many of the mobile apps themselves face fierce competition from new comers year on year, and so these platforms always need to improve and invest into research and development to keep their apps and sites friendly and attractable to consumers, and allow the hotel brands excellent exposure with minimal expenditure.
Unanimity is regarded as a normatively attractable criterion because it secures the protection of individuals' autonomy and constitutes a means to achieve the enhancement of individuals' welfare.
Attractable color, uniform density, texture, and disease free turfgrass was observed where moringa leaves and seaweed extracts were applied.