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Synonyms for attract

Synonyms for attract

to direct or impel to oneself by some quality or action

to arouse the interest and attention of

Synonyms for attract

direct toward itself or oneself by means of some psychological power or physical attributes

exert a force on (a body) causing it to approach or prevent it from moving away

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To attract chaffinches use porridge oats and oatmeal.
To attract and recruit volunteers, deliver the RespectEd program to schools and extend the reach of the organization's programs to assist more members of the community.
For our businesses to succeed, we must attract diverse talent and help create a climate where each individual feels welcome, respected and valued.
Those replacing options with restricted stock programs are awarding stock to rank-and-file employees over time, a strategy many believe helps attract and retain employees.
If your garden is close to woodland, the chances are you could attract a badger or two to visit.
As for the bad bugs, we use nasturtiums as a "decoy" plant to keep them busy, and plant dill, fennel and coriander to attract aphid-eating lacewings.
Of course, that led to wanting to learn what types of flowers would attract which types of butterflies.
I DISAGREE with the recent articles by Mark Johnston and David Ashforth regarding the need to attract North American dirt runners to race in Britain.
You must make your company visible so that you can attract people who want to work for your company.
use sweet-, flowery-, or fruit-smelling soaps, lotions, or shampoos; they attract bees
But more direct foreign investment is badly needed: The Czech Republic's abilit to attract such investment has been disappointing, particularly considering its low wages and proximity to Germany and Austria.
Mix many different plants; the broader the spectrum of food and shelter you provide, the greater the variety of insects your border will attract.
Q WHAT flowers should I plant to attract beneficial insects into my garden?
The idea behind the project is to attract owls to kill rodents without using poisons that can move up the food chain and kill larger animals.
JCRP--jointly administered by EDC and ESD--is designed to stabilize the job base in Lower Manhattan, restore the vibrancy of the downtown business community, encourage the creation of new jobs, attract new businesses and diversify the downtown economy.