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one quintillionth (10^-18) of a second

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In our experiment we use x-ray flashes to light up core-excitons in solids, whereas the optical attosecond pulses provide the possibility to resolve this motion in real-time," says Julien Bertrand, a former researcher in the group of Goulielmakis, at present assistant professor at Laval University, Canada.
Krausz said cooperation with King Saud University in Riyadh on attosecond science and technology would eventually help produce computers that could work 1000 times faster than the present machines.
attosecond spectroscopy can be used for watching the motion of electrons.
Using pulses of laser light, researchers watched an electron moving around inside an atom and were able to distinguish events to within 100 attoseconds or a 10million-billionth of a second.
If a time gap of 100 attoseconds was stretched until it lasted one second, a second amplified by the same amount would last about 300 million years.
Attosecond Photonics: What we learn by transforming many photons into one Paul Corkum, Joint Attosecond Science Laboratory, National Research Council and University of Ottawa, Canada
The purely electronic dynamics that control such processes take place on attosecond time scales.
Attoseconds are particularly interesting because a single attosecond is to a second what one second is to about 31.
Attosecond Nanophysics: From Basic Science to Applications
Corkum, research chair in Attosecond Photonics, University of Ottawa (Canada), and professor Ferenc Krausz, an Austrian scientist, shared the prize in recognition of their independent pioneering works, which has made it possible to capture the incredibly fast motion of electrons in atoms and molecules.
A handful of teams around the world even have their sights set on an attosecond pulse, which would flash every billionth of a billionth of a second (SN: 3/27/10, p.
Attosecond optical pulses are a laser-like light that is redefining ultra-fast physics and chemistry.
Attosecond science fuses chemistry and physics to arrive at the innovative idea of using intense, ultra-short laser pulses to image and even ultimately control molecules.
Here, wavefront rotation has been induced on the laser beam, leading to a spatial splitting of this attosecond pulse train into a collection of beamlets containing isolated attosecond pulses.