attorney-client privilege

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the right of a lawyer to refuse to divulge confidential information from his client

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According to the CIR, this provision of the Tax Code should be taken as an additional exception to the attorney-client privilege because of the following reasons:
Teleglobe discussed the preservation of attorney-client privilege between members of the same corporate family in a lawsuit between them, holding that one of the joint clients cannot withhold otherwise privileged communications from the other, but did not address the operation of privilege where one of the clients within the joint representation sues the joint attorney.
In addition to the attorney-client privilege, there is the common law work product doctrine, which protects documents, interviews, statements, memoranda, correspondence, briefs, mental impressions, and other tangible things obtained or created by or for an attorney during or in anticipation of litigation by or for an attorney.
This Note will argue that the attorney-client privilege is justified not only by the popular instrumentalist rationales, but also by noninstrumentalist thinking.
9) "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free," (10) unless of course the truth is protected by the attorney-client privilege.
For corporate counsel, whether a communication is protected by the attorney-client privilege is complicated by the fact that a corporation is an artificial creature of the law, and not an individual.
Dan is frequently a featured speaker and author on conducting internal investigations, preservation of the attorney-client privilege and issues involving electronic discovery.
The LLCs argued that attorney-client privilege protected all the opinion letters and, therefore, the LLCs did not have to disclose them.
Like most privileges (and souffles), however, the attorney-client privilege can also be destroyed accidentally.
With respect to communications with internal or external counsel, written or oral, the attorney-client privilege will attach only if the communications are intended to be confidential and for the purpose of obtaining legal advice.
August 15, 2013), held that neither the attorney-client privilege nor the work product doctrine applied to reports prepared by outside counsel for their insurer-clients in connection with a coverage investigation because the reports were created before the insurers made a "firm decision" to deny coverage for the claim.
The law is fairly well-settled that courts should "narrowly construe the attorney-client privilege in order to avoid trammeling upon the broad discovery policy," (5) but courts generally adhere to the principle that "the attorney-client privilege did not apply without qualification where the attorney was merely acting as a negotiator for the client, or merely gave business advice" (6) but have recognized the privilege when in-house attorneys actually negotiate their company's contracts.
Both asserted attorney-client privilege, but based on the crime-fraud exception, the district court rejected those claims and issued disclosure orders.
Before a 16-year-old boy told his lawyers where he'd gone, he was careful to ask whether the answer would be kept confidential under their attorney-client privilege.