attorney-client privilege

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the right of a lawyer to refuse to divulge confidential information from his client

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The LLCs argued that attorney-client privilege protected all the opinion letters and, therefore, the LLCs did not have to disclose them.
If the attorney-client privilege is a souffle, then the work product doctrine inhabits the less rarified position of the humble egg: baked into the case, mostly hidden, emulsifying into privileged communication when shared with the client, curdling if inadvertently exposed to anyone else.
During discovery, the insurers refused to produce the attorneys' reports and related documents, invoking attorney-client privilege and the work-product doctrine.
Day Pitney Partner John Maloney says it's important to put a legend in all emails "that says this particular communication is protected by the attorney-client privilege or/and the work product doctrine, so that months or years from now when the question comes up, at least at first blush there's a legend that reminds whoever's doing the reviewing that this is a communication that can be claimed to be privileged.
Both briefs denounce DCF's reasoning that the information the boy shared with his attorneys doesn't fall within the guidelines of attorney-client privilege outlined in Florida law and express concerns about how granting DCF's motion could impact other court cases throughout the state.
In short, ownership of the attorney-client privilege is uncertain when your client is a trustee.
43) This is important to keep in mind when considering an application to attorney-client privilege.
l:05-CV-1276 (March 6, 2014), the federal district court for the District of Columbia ordered Kellogg Brown & Root to produce whistleblower plaintiff documents that the company generated during its internal investigations of the alleged fraudulent activity complained of by the whistleblower, ruling that these materials were not protected under either the attorney-client privilege or attorney-work product doctrine.
Dan is frequently a featured speaker and author on conducting internal investigations, preservation of the attorney-client privilege and issues involving electronic discovery.
New Hampshire courts will generally look to the "practical consequences" of a transaction to determine which entity--the company that has the privilege or the company that acquires that company--can assert, and just as importantly, waive the attorney-client privilege.
Background: The Attorney-Client Privilege and Work-Product Privilege
A House panel may force Bank of America Corp (NYSE: BAC) to divulge details, which the bank had so far kept confidential citing attorney-client privilege.
The attorney-client privilege is a fundamental of our civil justice system.
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