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acknowledge a new land owner as one's landlord

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As a result of its own behaviour, therefore, the defendant is estopped from invoking the forum selection clause to avoid the jurisdiction of the court to which it has already attorned.
To the extent that a litigant seeks to enforce a class action settlement beyond the borders of the province in which the settlement was approved, there remains confusion regarding the basis for recognizing that litigant's enforcement pleading; was the settlement justified by the operation of a foreign statute that had no jurisdiction to bind the litigant, or from the judgment of a foreign court to which the litigant may be said never to have attorned? This uncertainty is a significant and ongoing concern both for plaintiff class members attempting to enforce class action settlements and defendants seeking to bar future actions on the basis of res judicata.
By bringing their claim to that foreign court, the plaintiff "has necessarily attorned to its jurisdiction in a way that cannot later be disputed"; as explained above, it is on this rationale that opt-in national class actions survive scrutiny regarding territorial limits to legislative and adjudicative jurisdiction.
Legal issues arose as to whether the choice of forum and arbitration clauses were rendered unenforceable by prior contract breaches on the part of parties demanding arbitration, and whether the defendants had submitted to and accepted ("attorned") the jurisdiction of the Ontario courts.