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acknowledge a new land owner as one's landlord

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Rather than imposing conditions requiring defendants to submit, consent or attorn to the foreign court's jurisdiction, they have simply stated that if the foreign court cannot hear the case, they will consider lifting the stay.
In our view, it is incontrovertible that the defendants did attorn to the Ontario jurisdiction and thus consented to it....
If the landlord has given recognition and non-disturbance agreements in favor of the tenant's subtenants and the subtenants have agreed to attorn to the landlord (i.e., agree to become the direct tenant of the landlord under the terms of their sub-leases following a termination of the ground lease), then any existing occupancy subleases will become senior leases if the ground lease is terminated prior to the end of its term.
In named-party litigation, it might be quite sensible to argue that a defendant must attorn to a jurisdiction where it is not a resident.
(community mental health association), 1980-84, vice-president, ACT, Inc., 1983; Central Florida Legal Services, volunteer pro bono attorney; executive board of directors and legal counsel, Daytona and Halifax Area Chamber of Commerce, general counsel, 1988; Florida Blue Key, member; Florida Bar Approved Continuing Legal Education lecturer; lecturer on Florida Heathcare Law; Central Florida Legal Services, board of directors, 1980-81; Florida Prosecuting Attorneys Association, 1977-79; American Hospital Attorn eys Association, 1985-91; National Health Lawyers Association, 1984-91.
Similarly, an attornment provision should be added, providing that the tenant will attorn to any new owner of the property after a foreclosure, and that the tenant will provide estoppel certificates and minor lease amendments where necessary to satisfy a lender.
twenty years, he never deigned to attorn to English criticism, never