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Synonyms for attitude

Synonyms for attitude

the way in which one is placed or arranged

the way in which a person holds or carries his or her body

a frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior

a general cast of mind with regard to something

Synonyms for attitude

a theatrical pose created for effect

position of aircraft or spacecraft relative to a frame of reference (the horizon or direction of motion)

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This research indicated how positive attitudinal change might be achieved so as to provide sought-after improvement.
Almost all School of Education and School of Social Work students are female between the ages of 21 and 27 and have similar social and attitudinal profiles (Bar-Yaacov, 2001).
It's different than other data enhancement products because it provides attitudinal data, not just demographic descriptors.
There's the heartthrob lead - in this case, Jerry O'Keefe, played by Evan Farmer - and the ``rebel'' - an attitudinal but ultimately wimpy Mickey Park, who frets over what his mom might think, played by Alex Solowitz.
The forecasts draw from primary data collected in April 2006 that established early adopters' attitudinal response to SSD in mobile computers and their internal valuations.
Then, AcuSync(TM), Enclarity's proprietary analytic technology, verifies the accuracy of the data while appending and bridging information to select the data that is accurate, including physician practice data and demographic, attitudinal and census information.
She has put this tenet to practical use during her term as president of the Attitudinal Healing Association.
And as they try to outflank one another over the bar in Joey's den, both actors take such extreme, attitudinal stances, it looks like they may attack each other with their dimples (this film might have been called ``Chin Off'').
At its best, Woodruff is a center for the arts - a state of mind that is attitudinal as much as structural," Bankoff said.
As self-confident as the day is long, Flora immediately sets about tidying up this physical and attitudinal pigsty.
It employs a unique test/control survey methodology to provide the most reliable results in the industry, allowing marketers to isolate and understand the attitudinal impact of specific campaign elements.
To help foodservice operators and their suppliers better prepare for and manage the potential impact on their business from these threats, Technomic plans to conduct a specialized investigation titled, Assessing Foodservice Industry Attitudinal and Behavioral Adjustments Due to the AI and BSE Threats.
It is the mission of NCH to create the systemic and attitudinal changes necessary to prevent and end homelessness, while concurrently working to increase the capacity of local supportive housing and service providers to better meet the urgent needs of those families and individuals now homeless in their communities.
To build upon achievements of the ADA and other civil rights laws that have changed our nation, we must go one step further and remove attitudinal barriers toward people with disabilities, in and out of the workplace.
He further stressed that attitudinal change for the realization of human rights could only be possible through reaching masses at the grass-root level by involving family, community, institutions and society at large.
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