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a fan that blows heated air out of the attic of a building

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Solar Royal offers the best featured, highest quality and best value product available for your solar venting and solar attic fan needs.
Parmelee said the homeowner had been aware that the attic fan was broken.
Like attic fans and cross ventilation, the traditional knowledge of trees seems to be fading from architectural memory.
A simple attic fan can save 20 percent to 30 percent on air conditioning bills.
As of July 2012, TGGI's wholly owned subsidiary VersaGreen Energy Corporation, began selling Solar and energy saving products including ("SunBlast" Attic Shield), a thermal shield which traps heat in the attic rafters and is released through the roof via a solar attic fan, keeping the attic temperature at a cool 78 degrees.
Add insulation to your attic or install an attic fan to exhaust hot air.
Sunlight Corporation is redefining the solar power attic fan technology by designing and manufacturing cutting edge products that make it possible for all homeowners to participate in the exploding trend to alternative energy with innovative technology.
The ES35 kit combines Power Save Energy's PS1200 energy saving device with proven and tested Solar Powered Attic Fan, Radiant Barrier, Duct Sealing System and CFL Light Bulbs.
Forster further stated, 'The newly introduced Power-Save Radiant Barriers and Solar Attic Fan will now both be marketed aggressively throughout our distribution network in the US.
we installed a solar attic fan on the third floor of our house.
You can cool your home by directing an attic fan to heat-trapping hallways and other rooms.
Vent heat from the attic by retrofitting ridge vent systems and cupolas that open to the attic, or installing a photo-voltaic-powered attic fan.
6 -- color) The south wall of the house features a panel that powers an attic fan, which attracts heat.
We rely on woodheat for the winter and have installed an attic fan which keeps us cool in the evenings.
Scott turned on two refrigerators, two DVRs, one laptop and 21" monitor, one cell phone charger, 56 light bulbs, one attic fan and five ceiling fans set on high.