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Synonyms for attest

Synonyms for attest

to confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine

to give grounds for believing in the existence or presence of

to give evidence or testimony under oath

Synonyms for attest

authenticate, affirm to be true, genuine, or correct, as in an official capacity

give testimony in a court of law

establish or verify the usage of

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Only since the sixth century are some contacts attestable in Central Asia, but this encounter appears to have been competitive, and it had no considerable impact beyond that region.
lay precisely on an attestable route that ran from Lake Chad to the
To that end, a NIST-based method is the only attestable metrological standard available.
24) Dating these texts is difficult, but according to the ME/) the Harley Lyric here is only the second attestable appearance of the word (the one the Dictionary notes that is earlier is in Floris and Blaunchefleur, which they date at 1300, but that seems to me arbitrary).
And while the carbon we release by flying or driving is certain and verifiable, the carbon absorbed by offset projects is less attestable.
C'est alors une autre verite--philosophiquement attestable dans la grande pensee du XXieme siecle, aussi bien chez Freud que chez Heidegger--que le reel en son fond, en son fond comme absence de fond, est infigurable: l'inconscient, l'etre.
Strong-grade forms reveal no attestable characteristic change after the coda lengthening, except the change *uo > [?