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an electrical device for attenuating the strength of an electrical signal

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These direct-read waveguide attenuators can be used in many industries including aerospace, defense, industrial, telecom, instrumentation, and medical.
Fairview's digitally controlled attenuators perform the important function of adjusting the amplitude of signal levels in RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave systems.
Pasternack said it has introduced a new family of in-stock continuously variable waveguide attenuators with performance up to 110 GHz.
India, May 7 -- Newport has introduced a new attenuator design implemented for the popular low-power Photodetectors, Series 818.
The critical part of the design involves the two identical (I/Q) attenuators.
In batch mode, users can automate the measurement process by controlling the instrument or attenuator under test via the general-purpose interface bus (GPIB).
Nine strains had attenuator mutations; two strains did not express OmpC or OmpF.
Since these conical-profiled noise attenuators are far less bulky and weigh less than the mufflers previously used, they can be elevated even in cyclonic areas for further ground-level noise and radiant-heat reduction.
The operations manager for In-Line Traffic Marking Company's advocacy of truck-mounted attenuators saved the lives of two of the company's workers several years ago.
MEMS based Variable Optical Attenuators are integrated within complex optical modules operating up to 100 GBits.
Provider of integrated mixed signal solutions Integrated Device Technology Inc (IDT) (Nasdaq:IDTI) announced on Tuesday that it has added two new Glitch-Free digital step attenuators (DSAs), as well as its first product in a new family of voltage variable attenuators (VVAs).
a leading manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, announces the release of their new 5 Bit, 8 Bit and 10 Bit broadband PIN diode digital step attenuators with performance up to 40 GHz depending on the configuration.
Allen, TX) released a new family of 25-W and 100-W attenuators with operating frequencies up to 18 GHz depending on the configuration.
MEMS-based solutions provider MEMSCAP (NYSE Euronext:MEMS) (Paris:MEMS) announced on Monday it has successfully completed die level reliability testing beyond 200m cycles on its Thermally Actuated Variable Optical Attenuators.
India, May 17 -- DiCon Fiberoptics has introduced a new optical attenuator module for the GP750 test system, a fibre optic test system, which is able to automate optical switches and fibre optic attenuators with plug-and-play modularity.