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an electrical device for attenuating the strength of an electrical signal

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Through the statistical analysis, the report illustrates the global and Chinese total market of Attenuator industry including capacity, production, production value, cost/profit, supply/demand and Chinese import/export.
Pasternack said it has introduced a new family of in-stock continuously variable waveguide attenuators with performance up to 110 GHz.
The unit combines the functionality of both an attenuator and an optical power meter and allows users to set the output power level directly thus improving the overall testing efficiency.
Imbalances in the couplers, poor match (VSWR) (especially across various control states), poor isolation and imbalances in the matched PHEMTs of the attenuator can be sources of error.
The chopper wheel, thus, acts as an attenuator for radiation going to the test detector.
Using standard methods, we performed polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a previously published primer set and protocol which amplifies the region of DNA including the 35 box of the AmpC promoter and the 3' end of the attenuator, producing a 271-bp amplicons (5).
The operations manager for In-Line Traffic Marking Company's advocacy of truck-mounted attenuators saved the lives of two of the company's workers several years ago.
MEMSCAP's packaged Electrostatic Variable Optical Attenuator exhibits superior optical power attenuation stability in closed loop operation and is designed to fit most optical printed circuit boards available on the market.
According to IDT, these next-generation attenuators feature wide bandwidths, low insertion loss, high linearity, pinpoint attenuation accuracy and a wide temperature range.
There is a total of 236 new part numbers in this attenuator release, and options include 3 dB, 6 dB, 10 dB,
India, May 7 -- Newport has introduced a new attenuator design implemented for the popular low-power Photodetectors, Series 818.
According to the company, die level tests on the Thermally Actuated MEMS Variable Optical Attenuator product line confirmed that the devices operate within all specifications after 200m cycles with all optical, mechanical and electrical properties remaining within their initial specifications.
The dynamic range is maximized with an optional 2-dB mechanical step attenuator over the full frequency range and, for manufacturing, an optional 1-dB electronic attenuator to 3.
The HMC470LP3 is a 5-bit digital attenuator with a typical insertion loss of 1.
Guaranteed noise attenuation requires a sound power level of not more than 90 dBA at a horizontal distance from the top of the attenuator of 33 feet at design conditions.