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an electrical device for attenuating the strength of an electrical signal

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This article describes the design process of the impact attenuator with lightweight materials to satisfy the required weight reduction targets for Formula SAE racing car.
Since the amplitude-only control of the element excitation is considered in this study, therefore the complexity and cost in terms of required numbers of amplifiers or attenuators are considered.
These millimeter wave waveguide attenuators are commonly used in the aerospace, defense, industrial, telecom, instrumentation and medical industries for applications such as high efficiency RF/microwave transmissions, test benches, SATCOM, MILCOM and radar testing.
The unit combines the functionality of both an attenuator and an optical power meter and allows users to set the output power level directly thus improving the overall testing efficiency.
The stability of the geometrical shape of the ROC during the measurement process is critical for both beamsplitter and attenuator functions; thus, knowledge of the expected temperature rise and thermal expansion properties of the material is important.
Imbalances in the couplers, poor match (VSWR) (especially across various control states), poor isolation and imbalances in the matched PHEMTs of the attenuator can be sources of error.
Using standard methods, we performed polymerase chain reaction (PCR) with a previously published primer set and protocol which amplifies the region of DNA including the 35 box of the AmpC promoter and the 3' end of the attenuator, producing a 271-bp amplicons (5).
The Mass Rate Attenuator (MRA) for active LC/MS flow splitting is used to couple mass spectrometers to chromatography applications when it is desirable to reduce the amount of sample delivered to the MS.
On the other hand, the new, smaller noise attenuator with 24 stages of pressure reduction in its velocity-control technology (photo No.
The truck was also equipped with an Alpha 60[R] MD truck-mounted attenuator manufactured by Energy Absorption Systems, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.
[USPRwire, Tue Aug 06 2019] Fibre Optic Attenuator Market: Market Overview Fibre optic attenuators are electronic devices that primarily lower and reduce the amplitude of an electronic signal.
[ClickPress, Tue Jul 30 2019] The global fibre optic attenuator market is expected to witness substantial growth over the forecast period.
The Tesla continued traveling through the gore area and struck a previously damaged crash attenuator at a speed of about 71 mph.
India, May 7 -- Newport has introduced a new attenuator design implemented for the popular low-power Photodetectors, Series 818.