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Synonyms for attenuated

Synonyms for attenuated

of an electrical signal

reduced in strength

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Specifically as for children aged 2-17 years old, the risk of influenza was not significantly lower among those who received the quadrivalent live attenuated influenza vaccine than among those who received no vaccine; the inactivated vaccine had a marked benefit over no vaccine (vaccine effectiveness, 60%; 95% CI, 47-70; P less than .
The US authorities have recommended against the use of the product, stating that the vaccine indicated 'poor or relatively lower effectiveness' of live attenuated influenza vaccine from 2013 until 2016.
Initially the filaments are quenched by cold air near the spinnerette face to be solidified then attenuated using high speed air.
At the age of 15 days, 50 birds in each group were administered with 9th passage live attenuated lyophilized vaccine, the 3rd passage AY-propiolactone inactivated vaccine (prepared in the laboratory), oil emulsified inactivated vaccine (UAF-Angavac), commercial vaccine (Bio-Angara, Sana Laboratories, Pakistan), and normal saline, respectively as negative control.
MSC preadministration attenuated these pathological changes significantly while MSC postadministration partially attenuated the PMN infiltration in the lung tissue.
Given this tremendous potential benefit of early intervention, the importance of a reliable category to identify people with attenuated psychosis is hard to overstate.
A major benefit of these attenuated bacterial strains is their potential use in live-attenuated vaccines.
In a mathematical simulation model, both the live attenuated vaccine and the inactivated vaccine yielded similar cost-effectiveness ratios of less than $40,000 per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) among children under 5 years, which compares well with other well-accepted pediatric interventions, said Lisa A.
The gymnasium-style system requires five layers to produce a resilient sound attenuated hardwood, wide plank floor, starting with the level concrete slab through the installation of the solid wood planks.
Although these vaccines can cause infections of the embryo or fetus, and pregnant women should be informed of the presence of live organisms if they are given a live attenuated virus vaccine, there is no convincing evidence that any vaccine, bacterial or viral, has caused fetal or embryonic harm.
In another flawed study (8), study participants naturally infected with wild-type virus are compared with study participants experimentally infected with an attenuated strain.
For the moment, the vaccine is called the live attenuated Oka/Merck VZV by its maker, Merck & Co.
Prenatal depression, reported in approximately 10% of all pregnant women, has been linked with deficits in infants such as attenuated response to social stimuli, excessive crying, increased sleep problems, and lower vagal tone.
The major advantage is that vaccines generated using this delivery system are much safer than live attenuated vaccines and very cost effective for mass administration," Lamb said.
And they will never rail to show how their bodies' attenuated, expressionless movements can build drama (by working on your personal associations and projections) and make your heart ache.