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Synonyms for attentiveness

concentration of the mental powers on something

Synonyms for attentiveness

paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people)

the trait of being considerate and thoughtful of others

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A key finding of our study was that the pattern of heat transfer to eggs sufficient for embryonic development differed from that of nest attentiveness.
Adhering to her preference for using philosophy as a means of deepening experience, she holds that attentiveness shares with art the ability to change the quality of an experience to such a degree that a change of consciousness can be achieved:
But there was nothing but attentiveness throughout the evening.
She was confounded by the silent in the word "gnathonic," which means "marked by exhibiting a fawning attentiveness.
The mystery genre encourages critical thinking, attentiveness to details, stimulates memory, provides new paradigms for children to explore, and introduces cutting-edge science or exposes history," Coleman says
If you have someone, or in fact several people, who show an excellence in caregiving as displayed by ingenuity, acts above and beyond the call of duty, attentiveness to resident
We certainly have not helped their cause with the photos that were used and only hope that our lapse in attentiveness will draw even more attention to the vitally important issue of safety on the jobsite.
Focusing her MRI's high beam on the cringing suspect, she realized that this pathetic-looking individual was the archduke of attentiveness.
But much of the success of great negotiators comes from a complete attentiveness to the process of the deal.
The Oratory is renowned for its attentiveness to the liturgy; at Holy Family the immensely rich heritage of the Western rite's sacred music is very much alive.
He treated his employees and performers with respect, his customers with civility and attentiveness, and his fellow deal makers with integrity and reliability.
Stress Attentiveness at All Times: Athletics challenge the mind as well as the body.
An estimated three to five percent of all children suffer from the reduced attentiveness and concentration, excessive activity, distractibility, and impulsiveness that are its most common signs.
And because they cannot help but remember that attentiveness and high quality when they next review a letter or other submission from TEI on an important tax policy or administration issue, our conferences help imbue our advocacy efforts with added credibility.
Simon Weil offers a striking instance of this attentiveness.