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Synonyms for attentiveness

concentration of the mental powers on something

Synonyms for attentiveness

paying particular notice (as to children or helpless people)

the trait of being considerate and thoughtful of others

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The multi-sample analyses showed that the causal model of the relationships between political attentiveness and internal efficacy reported above for the entire sample also held for both parts of the country.
Rather than making life simpler by reducing our overall attentiveness, he says we can simplify by confronting the world's details through the lens of our priorities.
The gardener knows something about presence and attentiveness and new life.
Through this graphic presentation the student's attentiveness is maximized.
What I'm calling for is attentiveness to these practices, even the ones that we find embarrassing.
The difference in PDI scores at 30 months may reflect improved attention rather than improved neuromotor development, since attentiveness is required to perform many of the PDI tasks, Dr.
Fortunately, his lack of attentiveness only cost him the price of a new tire.
Madsen experimentally manipulated teacher delivery and accuracy and student attentiveness and conducted the most recent study in this line of research.
But his attentiveness to a scorer, there's been some lag there.
A 1985 poem, "Water Song," establishes Weaver's attentiveness to absent presences.
The letters, in particular, reveal an almost dramatic attentiveness to nuances of character and event, and a mind so finely attuned to political hazard, that almost every phrase conveys degrees of circumspectness and expediency.
In his award-winning first collection of poetry, Terrance Hayes displays a delicate yet broad-shouldered attentiveness, revealing the interior textures and melodies of a thoughtfully evolving black male self.
In the introduction to The Secret Parts of Fortune, Rosenbaum writes about learning that "the attentiveness to ambiguity" he developed by reading John Donne could be applied equally well to "trial transcripts, autopsy reports, congressional-hearing records, Mob wiretap pickups, and the like.
WASHINGTON -- Impulse control and attentiveness improved after 20 sessions of EEG biofeedback in 85% of 1,089 children and adults with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and other attentional and behavioral disorders, Siegfried Othmer, Ph.
At one international conference a speaker was impressed with the attentiveness of many in his audience.