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Synonyms for attentive

Synonyms for attentive

concentrating the mental powers on something

full of polite concern for the well-being of others

Synonyms for attentive

(often followed by 'to') giving care or attention

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Where Viva is all loose-limbed nonchalance, 7, an eight-foot-long rod of mild steel with a spiky collar of several irregularly shaped pieces of clear Plexiglas, leans more attentively up against the wall.
Let us come together and share our common concerns, making an effort to listen to one another attentively. Let us speak honestly, aware of our own responsibility with regard to the choices that have to be made to resolve current problems in the world today.
As each witness has given evidence in the case, Hampson has sat attentively, sometimes with his head down as he makes notes and reads.
Hundreds at a fairground in Syracuse, New York watched as husband Bill attentively wiped a smudge of tomato ketchup from her upper lip.
He studies attentively the duality of "the sciences of man" in Sibiuda's work, while at the same time acknowledging the "philosophical" content of the considerations that focus specifically on the human condition before the fall.
As the debate raged on the future of the upper chamber, the American who can now officially call herself a Lady looked on attentively.
How alertly they scampered from formation to formation, their legs literally sparkling along the way; and how attentively their heads and arms remained poised during the variations of soloists Davena Gross and Nicole Epstein or Ostergren and Epstein.
After all, we don't need to listen too attentively to the beat of the songs we sing to hear an echo of our own pulse, the rhythm of our breathing, or the cadence of our footfall.
The Advisor urged the delegation to work attentively and efficiently as serving ailing humanity was a nobel cause.
"We are attentively following the evolution of the political situation in Tunisia and we respect the decision of Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali to resign, " Foreign Ministry spokesman Philippe Lalliot said in answer to questions at a briefing.
was committed to peace and would attentively listen to every voice for peace.
New Delhi, July 18 (ANI): The Indian Government on Saturday said that it is looking very attentively at the follow-up action undertaken by Pakistan vis-'-vis the 26/11 probe.
PASSIONATE APPEAL: Gordon Brown gets his point acress; PRIME MOVER:Bob Geldof listens attentively to a speaker at yesterday's conference on globalisation
The pontiff added: "We must reaffirm our obligation to listen attentively and honestly to the voice of Christ."