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Attentionally demanding tasks, such as the [RAP, likely implement the central executive of working memory, and, as a result, performance may be negatively affected by current levels of anxiety.
2005), was implemented to determine if performance on an attentionally demanding task is predictive of IRAP performance.
This may occur because gait is less automatic and more reliant on central cognitive processing, and therefore performance of two attentionally demanding tasks simultaneously simply exceeds available resources (Haggard, 1998, Patla 2001).
The authors concluded that walking using an assistive device was attentionally more demanding than without a device.
Thus, patients who score within a range of -21 to zero or above (a plus score) are determined to be distractible and attentionally impaired.
Attentionally motivated self-derogation, "I can't play that game because I'm stupid.
Yet despite the apparent incommensurability of these states and qualities of consciousness, they can all nevertheless be seen as ranged along a continuum, from more to less attentionally immersed.