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Attentionally demanding tasks, such as the [RAP, likely implement the central executive of working memory, and, as a result, performance may be negatively affected by current levels of anxiety.
The ability to walk with little or no impairment of performance (termed interference) while conducting an attentionally demanding concurrent task reflects gait automaticity.
Walking is more attentionally demanding, for example, than sitting or quiet stance (12).
Individuals can miss obvious signals during attentionally demanding working memory tasks, according to studies by Arien Mack and Irwin Rock, as well as another by Daniel J.
For example, when an individual is walking, obstacle avoidance is attentionally demanding and impaired attention can increase fall risk (Brown, McKenzie, & Doan, 2005).
The model also accounts for how tics may apparently substitute and interchange in TS according to activity (Seligman, 1991) and how some tics appear to be "contingentless" using conventional functional analysis focusing on environmental factors, and also how, for example, simply changing activity or engaging attentionally within the same social or stressful environment can reduce or enhance tic activity.
Use of warnings in an attentionally demanding detection task.
Unlike teacher-led instruction, which can be tedious and attentionally demanding for young children, the computer keeps children's attention, and computer materials have the potential to be revised to accommodate individual children's abilities (Whitehurst & Fischel, 2001).
The rationale is that if balancing requires attentional resources, performing an attentionally demanding secondary task should produce interference.
"Time is better spent if they go into the backyard or go down to the park for 30 minutes than if they go down into the basement with no windows and no views and focus on an attentionally demanding video game," Faber Taylor says.
Taken together, these studies indicate that attentional orienting to a stimulus need not always co-occur with awareness of the attentionally grabbing stimulus.
'Attentionally' and behaviorally they look better."
Other versions identify him as a slow learner, a disabled learner, a probable malingerer, insufficiently motivated, and attentionally disordered.
Thus, patients who score within a range of -21 to zero or above (a plus score) are determined to be distractible and attentionally impaired.
Attentionally motivated self-derogation, "I can't play that game because I'm stupid."