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Building on Atkinson and Walker's (1956) work, Schultheiss and Hale (2007) conducted a more direct investigation, using a dot-probe task to assess the effects of nAff on attentional deployment.
In addition to assessing the immediate effects on performance, (13) we were especially interested in verifying whether our attentional focus manipulations would have long-term effects on pirouette learning, which is typically measured by delayed retention and transfer tests.
It holds that memory for items or events that are somewhat similar can compete for attentional resources (Anderson, 2003).
In this field, the most promising avenues are experimental studies into selective attention, including attentional bias, as in the case of patients with eating disorders self-report instruments are unreliable due to the fact that such patients tend to deliberately distort their responses (Faunce, 2002).
Self-talk, is a person's internal dialogue that may include thoughts and/or statements related to feelings and perceptions, evaluations of performance, self-instructions, reinforcement, and attentional focus (Hackfort & Schwenkmezger, 1993), and is a cornerstone of cognitive-behavioral approaches to behavior and learning.
Attentional dysfunction, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), is the most prevalent neurodevelopmental disorder among children, affecting ~ 6-11% of all U.
A study was conducted adapting attentional focus research methodologies to test the effect of attentional focus on singing voice quality in adult novice singers.
In practical terms, this means not mixing attentional modes: read when you're reading, share when you're sharing.
Wickens proposed strategies for combatting attentional weaknesses.
There would be a predictive relationship between Impulsiveness, Attentional Impulsiveness, Motor Impulsiveness, Non-Planning and Behavioral Addiction as manifested by Mobile Phone Usage.
We analyzed and coded the information obtained through participant interviews into five core categories of ER skills: situation selection, situation modification, attentional deployment, cognitive change, and response modulation.
To address these types of attentional biases, computer programs and games are being used to retrain peoples' attention.
The topics include cortical colinergetic transients for cue detection and attentional mode shifts, quantitative chemical measurements of vesicular transmitters with single-cell amperometry and electrochemical cytometry, coupling voltammetry with optogenetics to reveal axonal control of dopamine transmission by striatal acetycholine, characterizing neuropeptide release from isolated cells to intact animals, and improving the chronic intracortical electrode recording function.
The potential to concentrate on any task at instant and cognitive instability is called attentional impulsivity [8].
It has also been used to assess attentional deficits and behavioral control in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), compared to children diagnosed with ADHD and normal population (Corbett & Constantine, 2006; Corbett, Constantine, Hendren, Rocke, & Ozonoff, 2009).
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