attention span

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the length of time you can concentrate on some idea or activity

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They found attention span differs greatly from child to child; however, each child showed a consistent personal attention span over a variety of tasks.
Today's children have very short attention spans because they are being reared on dreadful television programmes which are flickering away in the corner," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
Students completed computer evaluations and questions designed to test attention span.
A survey of 1,000 adults by Lloyds TSB showed the average attention span had fallen from more than 12 minutes a decade ago to five minutes and seven seconds now.
has shown that your average British human is getting more like a goldfish and less like an orangutan every day (my words, not theirs), in that a decade ago our average attention span was 12 minutes, whereas now it's a mere five minutes seven seconds.
Our news and civic attention spans have shrunk to bite-sized pieces, and rollercoaster polls suggest the American public can't hold onto a story for more than one or two press cycles.
The best thing for parents to do is to try to see what their attention span is like.
Dead Meadow is challenging the attention span of the populous.
Neil, 52, sighed: "He does have a short attention span.
To understand the importance of accuracy and attention to detail in day-to-work work - Understand the psychology of attention and accuracy - How to assess the current level of attention span - Improve attention span and accuracy - Ensure improved focus and concentration - Understand how to improve performance - Share best practice to improve accuracy and attention
One way is to help train an increase in attention span by making a child sit down to do a task for 15 minutes and then slowly increase the duration to 30 then 45 minutes.
According to the latest statistics, we have an attention span of eight seconds--a full second less than the average goldfish.
As this medium continues to increase in popularity, the attention span of viewers continues to decrease.
In 2000 the average human attention span was 12s, in 2013 it went down to eight seconds.
In the 1990s, the attention span of moviegoers was first measured into a series of waves using a mathematical trick called a Fourier transform.
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