attention span

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the length of time you can concentrate on some idea or activity

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Stacey Stothard of Skipton Building Society, who carried out the research, said: "Due to our short attention spans, we are simply not taking enough time to think about the things that matter, including our finances and the future.
The CNBC comScore interview focused on attention span as it relates to video.
Baroness Greenfield said she is concerned screen technology encourages "short attention spans, visual imagery rather than ideas, more sensation as a premium, taking risks because there's no consequences, low empathy because we've got no experience of talking directly to other people, and a need for constant feedback, witness Facebook, a fragile sense of identity and low-grade aggression".
People in the age bracket of 18 to 34 had a 31 per cent high sustained attention span compared to those age 55 and over at 35 per cent.
It's hard to make a case for the shrinking attention span when people are spending entire weekends in front of their television (or whatever screen they're watching programming on), wondering what Francis Underwood is going to do next on House of Cards.
However, rather than seeking to expand the attention span as done in Mr.
These historical definitions seem derived from observations of adult attention span processes, as they assume the existence of presets and the control needed to access them.
Today's children have very short attention spans because they are being reared on dreadful television programmes which are flickering away in the corner," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
KOREA -- A study of Korean adolescents was conducted to determine whether there was a relationship between not getting enough sleep and having a poor attention span.
Jackie Warren, Warburtons' community champion, said: "A good, nutritious start to the day provides energy and can also boost the attention span and concentration.
Right, here we go: The average attention span of Britons has slumped in recent years because of the pressures of modern life, causing a "surge" in domestic accidents.
A survey of 1,000 adults by Lloyds TSB showed that the average attention span had fallen from more than 12 minutes a decade ago to five minutes and seven seconds now.
A survey of 1,000 adults by Lloyds TSB showed the average attention span had fallen from more than 12 minutes a decade ago to five minutes, seven seconds.
So, too, Al Gore has warned that our shortened attention span keeps us from seeing the most important (and slowest moving) story of our lives: global warming.
And even the most mature attention span can quickly be tossed into the nearest trash receptacle if a young viewer isn't enjoying the product.
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