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Synonyms for attend

be present



attend to someone

attend to something: apply yourself to


attend to something: deal with

Synonyms for attend

to occur as a consequence

to be with or go with (another)

to work and care for


to have the care and supervision of

to perceive by ear, usually attentively

Synonyms for attend

be present at (meetings, church services, university), etc.

take charge of or deal with

to accompany as a circumstance or follow as a result

work for or be a servant to

give heed (to)

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Frequent attenders can suffer through excessive investigations, over treatment, and inappropriate reassurance by the provider (Neal et al.
In all three cases the differences associated with religion being important to the respondent are smaller than those between religious attenders and non-attenders.
The policy, which includes handing out awards to top attenders, has sent the school's attendance rate rocketing to 94.
Information obtained from monthly antenatal statistics on ethnic designation and average first-time/repeat attenders from public-sector ANCs in the Durban metropole were used to select the study group and area.
Registered parishioners feel the same way as Catholics who are not registered in a parish; regular attenders are no different from infrequent attenders; men and women are in agreement on this item; and Hispanics and non-Hispanics show no difference, either.
In 2000, Bush won 78% of the conservative frequent church attenders and in 2004 he increased his vote by five percentage points among this group to 83%.
The 100pc Attenders United project gave Newcastle first and primary school children who achieved perfect attendance over a four-week period the opportunity to visit the Newcastle United ground to celebrate their suc- cess.
Regular attenders who answered affirmatively to both questions were categorized as "Consistent"; those who answered negatively to either of these two questions were categorized as "Inconsistent.
and age- and sex-matched non-frequent attenders were identified from
Cuthand's drafts, they will be tested in the wider Cree community with both church attenders and non-attenders and with young and old alike.
But what must teachers do to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional students of first generation college attenders, of older returning students, of women seeking vocational or professional training after the early years of childraising or of working at low-paying jobs, of students seeking to develop and upgrade technical skills, of individuals seeking to achieve specific goals of personal interest and development?
The frequent and nonfrequent attenders made office visits for similar reasons, usually because of an acute or chronic illness, she said.
For dedicated attenders of City Council meetings who need more than the three-minute maximum to speak their piece during the public comment portion, their hope lies in cable.
Furthermore, regular Presbyterian attenders also expressed higher satisfaction with these specific aspects of life than non-Presbyterians.
Thus, our church attendance variable is labelled weekly attenders and non-weekly attenders.