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Designed specifically for compliance professionals, records managers and IT professionals, Attender Online is one of the few tools available that can locate, inventory and manage file content located on user desktops or network file shares.
Sherpa Software's Mail Attender product provides unparalleled analytics and complete content management for any email environment.
Following the birth of her son Andrew she moved to Meltham where she once again became a regular attender and supporter of the church.
Sherpa recently entered the realm of cloud computing with Attender Online, its new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for managing a variety of electronically stored information from the cloud, without having to move your business critical data off site.
We had one child who was a 15% attender at school and became a 90% attender after doing the course.
He said: "He was a very dedicated farmer and a tremendous stockman and was a regular attender at his house of worship.
LAST year regular attender Robert Browett picked up a Coventry Run trophy for running the oldest Coventry-built car in the race - his 1927 Standard Kenilworth.
She had been a regular attender at the local Pentecostal Church and was a leading member of its youth club until she suddenly stopped going 10 months ago.
PITTSBURGH, March 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Sherpa Software will enter the realm of cloud computing with Attender Online , its new Software as a Service (SaaS)
As an attender of both professional and amateur arts performances, I am extremely disappointed to learn that Birmingham City Council are discontinuing the ArtsFest event.
THE First Minister is a relatively regular attender at Parkhead yet those closest to him say he's not really interested in football.
While I am not a very good attender, and not a terribly political animal, I would defend my right to take part in votes in the House of Lords," said the Duke of Grafton.
Sherpa Software will demonstrate how its Archive Attender product can enhance the capabilities of the inherent archiving features in Exchange 2013.
Some years ago, as an attender at the Community Health Council meetings, it was one of my constant complaints.