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Synonyms for attempt



Synonyms for attempt

to make an attempt to do or make

a trying to do or make something

Synonyms for attempt

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The study found that although the number of women with a previous cesarean delivery increased from 2003 to 2014, rates of attempted VBAC and success rates after attempting labour were essentially unchanged.
Violence from husband and in-laws could be another reason for a greater number of women attempting to commit suicide .
"Hopefully, they knew what they were attempting wasn't easy.
However, the results are quite worrisome, with the findings revealing that the risk of someone from a unit attempting suicide in a unit with at least one suicide attempt in the past year was 18.2 percent.
"People from the former regime are distributing weapons everywhere and attempting to create chaos in the country, resorting to terrorism." "We condemn the assassination attempt against Noa'man and consider it an attempt to obstruct change and political settlement in the country.
(19) Girls are significantly more likely than boys to seriously consider attempting suicide, make a specific plan and attempt suicide.
Early in the investigation, his attorney received two separate anonymous letters attempting to exculpate the husband.
The local government-sponsored candidate was attempting to remove a legal ban on his remaining in power indefinitely, which would have made it easier for President Nestor Kirchner to retain his federal power indefinitely.
The group started out by attempting to conserve air passenger service from Hornepayne to Chapleau through Manitouwadge and Wawa by using Thunder Bay and Sudbury as the anchor at either end of the route.
A governmental entity contacted by an individual or company that reasonably appears to be attempting to influence the procurement during the "black out" period must be disclosed and the contacted state agency must record the contact, obtaining the following specific information for each contact: name of the person and company, address, telephone number, place of principal employment, occupation, and whether the person making the contact was the bidder or a lobbyist retained by the bidder.
Stat., applies only where the defendant was committing or attempting to commit a felony enumerated in section.
Meanwhile, Dash-4, one of the two jets the flight lead had detached earlier, gave up on attempting a visual approach and pushed from overhead the ship on a TACAN approach.
Bob and Mary Schindler: The Schindler's turned against Michael Schiavo for accepting Schiavo's condition as irreversible, attempting to discredit him and the doctors.
RENO, NEVADA -- Attempting vaginal birth after cesarean section in twin deliveries may be no more risky than attempting VBAC in singleton pregnancies, according to a review of almost 25,000 deliveries.
A new study of women with a previous cesarean finds that those attempting a vaginal delivery do indeed face a risk of uterine rupture during labor, whereas the chance of that happening in a planned cesarean is practically nil.