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Synonyms for attempt



Synonyms for attempt

to make an attempt to do or make

a trying to do or make something

Synonyms for attempt

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19) Girls are significantly more likely than boys to seriously consider attempting suicide, make a specific plan and attempt suicide.
The NESMG has been attempting to address the second chapter of this sad story with the province of Ontario for the past three years.
The ramifications of this law are so severe, in fact, that we caution all contractors to receive advice of counsel before attempting to contact a state agency during a "black out period.
Interviewed by investigators at a later date, he confirmed that he was attempting to commit suicide.
The scientists report that 124 women attempting vaginal birth experienced uterine rupture, which typically occurs along scars from incisions made during previous cesareans.
a patrol officer with the Pendergrass Police Department was shot and killed while attempting to make a traffic stop.
Since the effect of attempting suicide on survival probability is surely negative, suicide attempts may be optimal for those whose expected utility in future periods is negative, by limiting the probability that such periods will be endured.
They must be cautioned against attempting to provide personal counseling; their roles are to recognize risk and facilitate referrals.
The president of Haitian Women of Miami testified she was threatened with arrest for attempting to enter the polling booth to help first-time Haitian voters who needed translation assistance.
It seems the Service is attempting to make obtaining a competitive advantage the test rather than viewing it as evidence that the test has been met.
1] In practical terms, this means that critics attempting to understand a literary text by placing it within the context of its creation must cross the constructed boundaries that exist between literary texts and historical documents, whether they be sermons, tracts, government papers, private letters, published or unpublished works, all of which are themselves texts.
However, women report attempting suicide about Suicide by firearms is the most common method for both men and women, accounting for 59 percent of all [Illegible Text] percent of all suicides are committed by white men, and 79 percent of all firearm suicides are committed by white rate was for white men over 85 years of age-65.
Robbery--The taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.
Thus, a resident who uses force in attempting to exit the facility is demonstrating a desire to promote a change in his/her condition.
Previous attempts occurred most often among those who indicated their reason for attempting suicide was rape/sexual abuse (149 [60.