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SB= Suicidal behavior; BPD= Borderline Personality Disorder * Further statistical proof of the greater importance of dependence on SB in predicting major attempter status was gained with a logistic regression model.
Guete-Tur, "P03-290--profile of the typical suicide attempter in the south of Portugal," European Psychiatry, vol.
From a sample of suicide attempters (SA) (1) a group was selected numbering 625 persons.
Hypomanic symptoms among first-time suicide attempters predict future multiple attempt status.
228) The remedial requirements attendant to actual victimhood simply do not exist when the attempter has not produced harm.
In addition, the likelihood of being a suicide attempter decreased the more an individual endorsed religious well-being.
While this extension does recognize and directly model the feature that a suicide attempt does not ensure death, it ignores any direct effects suicide may have on utility in future periods if the attempter survives.
We still incur the costs and inconveinence of putting the attempter through the criminal justice system.
88) in a mixed psychiatric and community suicide attempter group.
As much of the research suggests, there is considerable heterogeneity among suicide attempters, so a one-size-fits-all approach to prevention and treatment is not likely to be effective.
Information about attempted suicides was collected from a retrospective study of all reported suicide attempters (approximately 15,000 persons), based on review of emergency department records at 24 hospitals in northern China during 1990-2002.
The emergency department, where most suicide attempters are first seen, isn't the right place.
Suicide attempters came from a pool of patients who presented at the Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid, where most were interviewed within the first 24 hours after their attempts.
A section dedicated to "Trauma, Violence, and Suicide" explores interventions with special groups of high-risk adolescents, including violent offenders, suicide attempters, and adolescent refugees.