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device that transfers heat from one liquid to another without allowing them to mix

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The finite element work involved the calculation of static stresses as well as transient stresses generated by cycling of the attemperator (thermal stresses) and vibration of the line (mechanical stresses).
In Process 2-2, a superheated steam is sprayed down by the turbine attemperator using boiler feedwater to reduce superheat and increase mass flow rate to the campus header.
The surface-sterilized material was then deposited on a Petri dish containing potato-dextrose-agar medium (PDA) and incubated in the dark at 28[degrees]C in attemperator for one week.
Valve V3 controls the cold feedwater flow to the attemperator spray.
The project for Corner Brook Pulp and Paper consists of rebuilding the power boiler by adding a superheater, attemperator, sweet water condenser, soot blowers and associated equipment to produce high pressure steam.