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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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Attar has been indicted along with his wife, Dr.
The government estimated that 100 girls were mutilated based on Fakhruddin Attar telling investigators that Nagarwala treated girls at the clinic for "problems with their genitals" five or six times a year.
If convicted, Fakhruddin Attar, 53, and Nagarwala, 44, (http://michiganradio.
The distillation and making of attar appears to have been introduced from Persia into the town of Kannauj.
Jain of Pragati Aroma Distillery, whose family has been into the attar business for seven generations.
Home to over 250 perfumeries, many of which are on the brink of extinction, at first it seems like the whole of Kannauj seems to be engaged in one or other process of making attar.
The allegation of the offer to Mr Attar for Nathalie -echoing the plot of the film Indecent Proposal where Robert Redford plays a wealthy bachelor who offers a poor, newly-married couple one million dollars if he can spend one night with the wife -was 'ridiculous', he said.
But mother-of-three Mrs Attar, aged 35, who gave evidence when she was seven months pregnant with her fourth child, claimed he had tried to destablise her marriage and that he twice sexually harassed her -once with a kiss on the lips and on another occasion by touching her breast.
Accompanied by his wife, Rina, who has been at his side throughout the case, the Rabbi added: 'And I want to thank the real heroine Nathalie Attar who has been vindicated.
The Attars, meanwhile, are believed to have gone to Israel to visit their relatives.
Bearded Dubliner Brian Maccaba planned his own version of the Robert Redford and Demi Moore blockbuster movie as he tried to win over 34-year-old teacher Nathalie Attar.