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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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For Ansari, selling attar is not a business, but a way of life.
Al Ramz and Mr Al Attar each agreed to settle the DFSA's action against them.
"The next day I got my first contract with AFP," Attar told The Daily Star.
The Al Attar Group has multiple high-rise interests along Shaikh Zayed Road.
During her Eisenhower Fellowship, Attar created a sustainability plan for her non-profit organization to ensure its short- and long-term impact on women's entrepreneurship and workforce diversity in Saudi Arabia.
El Attar seems to deliberately mock the desire for a simple narrative.
Arab life is closely intertwined with the compelling fragrance of traditional 'oud' and 'attar' and it has been transferred from generation to generation.
Attar did not identify the potential offshore locations, Reuters reported.
Noor Bank announced the appointment of Hind Al Attar as its Head of Human Resources.
"The issue of sanitation poses major problems that hinder efforts to improve the environmental situation in several areas of the capital," said the Prime Minister, speaking of the significant delay in the project of the new sanitation station at El Attar which has had a negative impact on Sebkhet Sijoumi.
In line with the rebrand, the company has joined forces with Lead Associates' Asil Attar to organise two simultaneous design competitions featuring the values and heritage of the brand: one to redesign the signature caps and aprons worn by staff; and one to paint a new mural that will feature in its concept outlets.
Bulgarian attar of roses gets a status of protected geographical indication, said the European Commission in a press statement.
One of the most emblematic love narratives in Iranian literature is found in Farid al-Din 'Attar's [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (The Conference of the Birds), the story of Shaykh San'an's love for a Christian girl.
The ocean of the soul; men, the world, and God in the stories of Farid al-Din Attar. (reprint, 2003)
DISAPPOINTMENT and frustration are writ large on the face of Attar Singh ( 51), a paddy farmer from Ludhiana district of Punjab.