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essential oil or perfume obtained from flowers

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Thirty minutes later he was directed toward Twitter user @CaptinMaj who informed Simonarson that he sees Attar every day in his neighborhood.
Hind Al Attar has completed varied stints in HR Operations, HR Business Partnership, Emiratisation, Employee Relations and Service Delivery - all within Noor Bank.
The cost of the wastewater treatment plant of El Attar is 40 MTD.
About thirty works by Attar survive, but his masterpiece is the Mantiq ot-Tayr (The Conference of the Birds).
According to the definition, the Bulgarian attar of roses is an essential oil obtained by means of the steam distillation of flowers of the Damask rose (Rosa damascena Mill.
In 2006, Attar was involved in the capture of an Israeli soldier through such a tunnel, said the statement.
We see this as an excellent opportunity to enhance the services available at Jeddah International in partnership with Attar, an established player at the airport and in the Saudi Arabian transport and travel industry.
Not just Attar, hundreds of farmers appear to be " the children of a lesser god" this Kharif marketing season as several blows dented their fortune.
The distillation and making of attar appears to have been introduced from Persia into the town of Kannauj.
After a 17-month process to find a new music director, the Whatcom Symphony Orchestra has appointed Yaniv Attar to take over the position in time for the 2013-2014 concert season.
Abdulwahab Attar demanded that the world unites ranks to save what can be saved in Syria.
Laxmi Narayan, 72, has spent the last 30 years making what is known as attar, an oil-based perfume manufactured using a method dating back thousands of years.
Addressing the Human Rights Council in Geneva, the Kingdom's Ambassador and Permanent Delegate to the United Nations Abdul Wahab Attar called for urgent steps to stop the deteriorating situation in Syria.
Summary: Saudi Arabian 800 metre runner Sarah Attar became the first female to represent her country in track and field on Wednesday.
didn't trouble the scorers, but Sarah Attar made history at London 2012 yesterday.