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Synonyms for attaint

a mark of discredit or disgrace

Synonyms for attaint

bring shame or dishonor upon

condemn by attainder

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However, representatives of the suborder Miliolina, almost absent in the section of Zambujal de Alcaria, attaint important relative abundances in some assemblages.
According to Johnson (1976), in the Jurassic carbonate platforms the representatives of the suborder Lagenina attaint the maximum diversity in the middle and inner part of the platforms.
It effectively attaints - tars, stains - fifty persons rather than one; it is fifty attainders rolled into a single bill.
If Colorado may not attaint fifty persons on the basis of their status, neither may it attaint fifty thousand.
At the same time, they are inadequately academic; Petrarch attaints their discursive habits as immature, recalling school books, not adult mastery, "semper scolastice literator, nunquam literatus aut magister" (ICM, III, 928); Petrarch, in contrast, ranks dialectic properly, as via, not terminus, means, not end (ICM, II, 876).
Nevertheless, laws burdening "investment bankers" or "draft evaders" do not thereby become attaints on the burdened persons.
37) Likewise, laws depriving persons of protection from discrimination on the basis of gay or lesbian "orientation" also are attaints because they burden persons based on their propensities or inclinations - again, a type of status - and, therefore, "target[] persons for who they are, not for what they have done.
15) During the medieval period, jury verdicts could be quashed through a process known as attaint.