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Synonyms for attaint

a mark of discredit or disgrace

Synonyms for attaint

bring shame or dishonor upon

condemn by attainder

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48) The attaint was a process analogous to trying a jury for perjury: a
According to Johnson (1976), in the Jurassic carbonate platforms the representatives of the suborder Lagenina attaint the maximum diversity in the middle and inner part of the platforms.
Mais la morphologie du writ of attaint se modifiera assez rapidement.
This plea exists because, "generally, such proceeding on a second prosecution cannot be to any purpose; for the prisoner is dead in law by the first attainder, his blood is already corrupted, and he hath forfeited all that he had, so that it is absurd and superfluous to endeavor to attaint him a second time.
Then the influence is attaint by limit of slightly deviated from vertical line cases.
In Bushel's Case, Chief Justice Vaughan concluded that the jury "was not required to do the court's bidding, because, if the jurors returned a wrong verdict, they, and not the judge who directed the verdict, would be punished by the attaint, a procedure whereby a second jury would convict and punish the first for rendering a false verdict"; because "Chief Justice Vaughan knew that for all intents and purposes the attaint was an obsolete form.
Intercultural education- can attaint its aims if it lived/ practiced and not only pronounced on the discursive level.
at 76-77 (detailing the potential penalties for attaint, or rendering a false verdict).
That is beside his economic rights to attaint he needed and reasonable expenses.
The civil court, for instance, virtually ignored the law of attaint and convicts were able to sue, to hold property and to retain earnings.
Notwithstanding that amounts awarded by the jury were at varying times subject to control--especially by a writ of attaint for erroneous assessment--there was no need to articulate the function of damages, which seem, in practice, to have been awarded to serve a number of purposes.
23 asserted, "after judgment given in the courts of our lord the King, the parties and their heirs shall be thereof in peace, until the judgment be undone by attaint or by error.
The second element is on page 80, where Nashe not only turns from Jerusalem to London and indicates that he will criticize generally, not specifically, 'So let it be acceptable to God and his Church what I write, as no man in thys Treatise I will particularly tutch, none I will semovdedly [individually] allude to, but only attaint vice in generall', but also says that he is afraid he might go further than he intends in criticism: 'Jonathan shotte five Arrowes beyond the marke; I feare I shall shoote fifteene arrowes behind the mark, in describing thys hie-towring sinne [i.
38) Disputed verdicts were open to scrutiny through the process of attaint, where a jury double the size of the original one reviewed the decision at the request of the losing party.
If Colorado may not attaint fifty persons on the basis of their status, neither may it attaint fifty thousand.