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Synonyms for attaint

a mark of discredit or disgrace

Synonyms for attaint

bring shame or dishonor upon

condemn by attainder

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(48) The attaint was a process analogous to trying a jury for perjury: a
In order to achieve it, Malaysian government make struggle attaint almost 100% of secondary schools teachers degree possessors by year 2010 and no less than 70 % of primary schools teachers possessing degree in the same year also.
The difficulty of such systems is that in most cases it is not possible to attaint total control of all outputs using a single input.
The team did not only leave with the forth place which is considered the highest place ever attaint by an Egyptian, African or Arab team; but also one of the team's brilliant members, Nancy Yousry, took second place in the business presentation.
We can say from this figure that as z enters into the stenosed zone the axial velocity starts decreasing from its maximum value in nonstenosed zone until the first constriction attaint its maximum value near z = 4 and then it gradually increases up to z = 5.2 and again it starts decreasing till the maximum height of the second stenosis and gradually starts increasing thereafter and finally again flows with maximum velocity in nonstenosis region.
However, representatives of the suborder Miliolina, almost absent in the section of Zambujal de Alcaria, attaint important relative abundances in some assemblages.
Aussi les jures sont-ils ceux que vise la principale voie de recours en revision, le writ of attaint. Et ce n'est pas une mince affaire.
Egypt - This endorsement included the ouster of Washington's longtime standby, Husni Mubarak - with no attention called to the facts that Mubarak's military oligarchy still runs Egypt, and that the annual American "aid" package to Egypt compels the unwitting taxpayer to finance a three-way attaint of political opportunism: 1) bribing Egypt to tolerate Israel's repression of its Palestinian subjects; 2) supplying the acquisitive Egyptian military establishment with free weapons, when there is no enemy in sight; 3) subsidizing the American arms industry.
He is then called attaint, attinctus, stained, or blackened.
(15) During the medieval period, jury verdicts could be quashed through a process known as attaint. (16) A second jury, with twice as many members, was empanelled to review the verdict.
(45) Those pleas include autrefois acquit, (46) autrefois convict, (47) autrefois attaint, (48) and former pardon.
The disparate historical treatment of inadequate and excessive damages is partially attributable to the ancient procedure for obtaining a new jury trial, the attaint, which was limited to remedying excessive verdicts.
Then the influence is attaint by limit of slightly deviated from vertical line cases.
In Bushel's Case, Chief Justice Vaughan concluded that the jury "was not required to do the court's bidding, because, if the jurors returned a wrong verdict, they, and not the judge who directed the verdict, would be punished by the attaint, a procedure whereby a second jury would convict and punish the first for rendering a false verdict"; because "Chief Justice Vaughan knew that for all intents and purposes the attaint was an obsolete form....