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Notably, this need is addressed in the aforementioned cross-curricular attainment target "Mediawijsheid" and has also been referred to in MuTable interviews: Educational professionals described the MuTable device as an adequate interactive tool in which subject-specific assignments can be set out in order to obtain other cross-curricular attainment targets.
There are four attainment targets (ATs), or sections in the National Curriculum for Science.
Identifying needs and opportunities' was set as the first Attainment Target of NC Technology; it is the aspect that has led to most difficulty in the classroom.
The pond has also been hailed as a way of ensuring children are able to achieve the attainment targets listed in the science curriculum.
Discussions based on teachers' subjective judgments showed in general that visualized learning outcomes express students' natural abilities and, unlike simple GPA and grade data, are conducive to grasping the level of success in reaching attainment targets.
The assessments provide a measurement of achievement against the precise attainment targets of the National Curriculum (Department for Education, 2008).
SHADOW Education Minister Angela Burns has accused the Welsh Government of "washing its hands" of the nation's teenagers in pursuit of international attainment targets.
Fundamentally we support what the Government is trying to achieve but I do have some concerns that high attainment targets may discourage some education providers from supporting all aspects of the programme.
Under the status, Stockland Green was partnered with the Arthur Terry School, in Sutton Coldfield, in a bid to drive up standards and reach the Government's GCSE attainment targets.
Start accepting that the Liverpool city region, as other cities round the UK, as across the globe, has to face up to its local position and begin developing properly targeted local skills, rather than slavishly following national attainment targets designed to find Oxbridge fodder.
But it warned the Department for Children, Schools and Families would still face a "considerable challenge" in meeting its attainment targets.
What Ould Cheikh Abdallahi failed to acknowledge, is that attainment targets, which Ould Mohamed Vall - who had a prominent position in both the army and the presidency - failed to realize, cannot be achieved under the president who was elected on a whim, which have brought him much criticism, from supporters and opponents alike.
As a database solution, teachers can instantly access information on particular pupils and the software has impressive capabilities for setting individual attainment targets.
Attainment Targets, Key Stages, Statutory Orders, DES, IT).