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cancellation of civil rights


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But his older brother the Duke of Norfolk had fathered sons before his execution and attainder in 1572, and these fatherless nephews were Henry Lord Howard's closest male relatives.
Attainders are both intensely personal and obviously political; and the intertwining of the personal and the political is of course an important insight of feminists and gay rights advocates.
The text, history, and sociology of the Attainder Clause, by contrast, may liberate litigants to reunite these intertwined concerns: attainders are all about equality, bodies, and expression.
And if Justice Scalia sought a focused analysis of the difference between legitimate conflict-of-interest laws and illegitimate attainders, he need have looked no further than - you guessed it - United States v.
See also supra note 37 (discussing English attainders by description in situations where attainder targets might be able to "pass").
at 453-55 (distinguishing conflict of interest laws that "condemn all men" from attainders that single out specific, named group for suspicion).
Brown also suggests that political disabilities, and disabilities imposed because of political activities, are more likely to be seen as attainders.
2) And so I shall highlight the text, history, and spirit of a constitutional clause that - though not explicitly invoked by the Romer majority - clarifies and supports the majority's theory: the Article I, section 10 Attainder Clause.
Though it went unnamed in Justice Kennedy's opinion, the Attainder Clause of Article I, Section 10 helps clarify and illuminate his argument and, as we shall see, offers lawyers litigating gay rights cases a particularly rich and apt source of doctrine.
This is a textbook attainder, historically speaking.
Indeed, in both Article I, Section 9, limiting Congress, and Article I, Section 10, limiting states, the Attainder and Ex Post Facto Clauses stand side-by-side.
Obviously, this too is a textbook bill of attainder even though it purports to leave "adjudication" of the "crime" to independent courts.