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the state of being achievable

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The main anxiety among advocates and critics of world government, aside from the difficulty of its attainability, was the danger that such a centralization of authority would likely, or even inevitably, degenerate into a demonic superstate that would establish a totalitarian reign of global scope.
If a higher level of attainment is sought, simply escalate the objective, but not beyond the point of attainability.
The goal attainability assumption has been strongly challenged both outside ad inside the domain of sport and exercise.
Whilst it is provided in good faith, no representation or warranty is made by Alt or any of its advisers, agents or employees as to the accuracy, completeness, currency or reasonableness of the information in this announcement or provided in connection with it, including the accuracy or attainability of any Forward Looking Statements set out in this announcement.
Having complete control over logistics activities, a US Space Force would enhance the attainability of immediate logistical support and the sustainability of a prolonged effort.
Logisticians must ask themselves if they have provided everything the war fighter has identified as being required for attainability before the mission starts and if any shortfalls have been identified that need to be accounted for by the operational commander.
High-low range goals influence consumer goal reengagement through feelings of accomplishment, which itself is driven by the attainability and challenge of the goal," they said.
Negotiations on proliferation and sanctions come to be defined by their attainability, not by their consequences or results.
8 20V T 150PS Ibiza FR, for example, each Ibiza clearly puts the emphasis on attainability.
Field Manual 4-0, Combat Service Support, defines the eight characteristics of CSS as responsiveness, simplicity, flexibility, attainability, sustainability, survivability, economy, and integration.
Chapter 4 focuses on the notion of orientation, showing how the preservation of a resolute exercise of character in the world presupposes the endorsement of subjective principles of thought capable of ensuring that the practical commands of morality trump theoretical doubts about the attainability of moral ends.
While revising such designations has proved to be politically unpalatable, the report nevertheless recommends use attainability analyses (the process by which a designated use can be revised) "should be considered for all water bodies before a TMDL is developed.
Coercive management and its accompanying bureaucratic attainability procedures will not encourage teachers, who want to teach, to stay in the profession.
28) Nonetheless, critics would agree that Plato's magnetic theory provides a clear and recognizable impetus to the pastoral's characters who do not voice any overt doubt about the existence or attainability of ideal love.
In strong and subtle ways, the belief in the attainability of a morally correct alternative society served to authorize avantgarde art as a calling.