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the state of being achievable

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The attainability domain A is plotted in Figure 10.
Current environmental laws stating that costs and attainability cannot be considered conflict with the reality that many standards are reaching the point at which further improvements may not be possible.
Description of Chicago Waterway System for the use attainability analysis.
The accessibility dimension reflects the ease of attainability of the data.
Considering the principles of logistics (responsiveness, simplicity, flexibility, economy, attainability, sustain-ability, and survivability), the FSC BCT 2020 MTOE satisfies only the principle of economy.
In addition to providing incentive and attainability, you also have to create a sense of urgency.
Coal is considerably instrumental in China's water attainability matters.
People, sadly, are judged according to the value and attainability of the cars they drive, and in my experience those who say they don't care about cars are usually those who happen to not have one.
In Mouffe's view, this happens largely through the "conflation of political discourse with moral discourse,"(13) through the reduction of political questions to "mere technical issues to be solved by experts,"(3) and through the belief in the attainability of a rational consensus.(14) When politics is thought of in normative terms, it turns into an individual matter where each of us must choose how to act.
This maritime prototype is the workhorse of Kymeta's 70cm Ku band product and are currently being produced on existing liquid-crystal display TV display lines, marking the first step towards mass-volume and low-cost attainability for Kymeta antennas.
Taylor leaves none of these facets unexplored and even dedicates an entire chapter to the "Fort Knox Experiment" designed by the Army to showcase the attainability of UMT through small, highly successful units of trainees known as "Umties" (p.
For example, Odili was initially attracted to Elsie by her 'vivaciousness' and 'attainability' which he praised as 'virtues'.