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Al Qaeda is not the only terrorist group attacking in this manner.
Well-organized defenses will typically place a large number of players between the ball and their goal, leaving very little space for an attacking team to create high-quality scoring opportunities.
We struck the Serb convoy, and we have very strong evidence that the Serbs then retaliated by attacking the column of refugees.
Preventative security is better than reactive security provided by most antivirus applications because the attacking software doesn't get the chance to attack the host system," Peter Bartoli, Chief Technology Officer of Consolvant, which has tested Innervue for the past seven months.
Depending on the depth of the deception, an attacker can spend large amounts of time attempting to exploit and then exploring the honeypot--and any time spent attacking a honeypot is time not spent attacking a real machine.
They may also maintain possession through short passes down the wing flanks, by limiting risk in their attacking third, and by never forcing their play, particularly against pressure.
Cyber-criminals are attacking high-traffic Web sites by launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on Domain Name System (DNS) registries, Internet services that translate domain names into IP addresses.
In the attacking or high middle third of the field, the target receiver, usually a striker, will be closely followed by a marking defender.