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In the second quarter of 2017, eight vessels were attacked within Nigerian waters.
Targeted Attacks -- Whereas hackers used to cast a wide net and attacked any and all available networks, today's methods employ a surgically precise method.
The warning did not mention specific agencies or firms that had been attacked.
NATO and the Pentagon acknowledged that NATO warplanes had attacked a military convoy in the same area but said they had not targeted civilians.
com parent servers or even individual enterprise servers, neither of which may have the resiliency or redundancy of the systems attacked earlier this week.
The first honeypots to ever be developed, sacrificial lambs are simply computers designed with the sole purpose of being attacked.
Creighton said one client of hers had been attacked by dogs, resulting in panic attacks so severe that she was barely able to leave her home.
With patented DPI techniques and high-performance attack traffic processing systems, CloudShield successfully protected several e-commerce sites that were attacked during the recent Christmas online shopping season.
Neighborhood Watch brings the power of massively distributed systems, each using the Internet in different ways and being attacked in different ways, to increase the overall awareness and protection of the users in the program," said Ross Brown, eEye's CEO.