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open to attack and capture because of a lack of protection

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So we can say that apart from that the vulnerability could be found on many servers actually the remotely attackable share of these servers is low.
If it is correct the (retail) contracts are unfair then they are attackable and we will deal with that in due course.
It is convenient to audaciously scapegoat an entire religion or an entire race and make the enemy visible and attackable.
Schedule-induced aggression: Access to an attackable taiga bird as a positive reinforcer.
Based on the following characteristics it should be noted that the most attackable are residential buildings which are located in the difficult geoclimatic conditions.
Table I shows the run times for all 16 attackable bytes when mounting CPA and PAA attacks.
The objective of the present study was to convert sugarcane bagasse by using physical and chemical means, to an easily attackable substrate for the production of cellulytic enzymes by Trichoderma viride through submerged fermentation.
e, as a force for good in society) to one where the product is used to facilitate all kinds of tax avoidance and other estate planning techniques makes for a more attackable industry, in my view.
I think the difference was that Murray's second serve was very attackable.