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Synonyms for attack

Synonyms for attack

to start work on vigorously


a method used in dealing with something

a sudden and often acute manifestation of a disease

Synonyms for attack

an offensive move in a sport or game

intense adverse criticism

ideas or actions intended to deal with a problem or situation

a decisive manner of beginning a musical tone or phrase

the onset of a corrosive or destructive process (as by a chemical agent)

take the initiative and go on the offensive

begin to injure

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Understanding how vulnerabilities - in different layers of the network and exploited through different attack vectors - can be combined to build attack paths into an organization is invaluable to devising effective mitigation mechanisms.
And yet the grand majority of attacks utilizing well known DDoS attack vectors fit this profile.
A growing attack vector, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become essential business productivity tools.
When you consider that a mobile app like WhatsApp has over 100 million users on Android alone, it is clear that an attack vector like this could mean that hundred, if not thousands of apps in Android and iOS app stores could be compromised.
Once you fortify your crown jewels, you must determine how to protect against the low-tech attack vectors.
Ironically, this old attack vector is seeing a comeback via flash drives.
We wanted to show that social engineering is a legitimate attack vector.
Microsoft offered two workarounds, including one that disables icons from being displayed for shortcuts, and another that disables the WebClient service, blocking a possible remote attack vector.
We have witnessed this sort of attack vector in corporations now for some time as the combination of social engineering and stealth malware has an extremely high infection rate as it lowers the end user's guard and can bypass antivirus and content checking systems.
However the company stated that machines would have to be infected with the trojan discovered by Boldewin first, in order for BITS to be exploited, and claimed it is not an attack vector for initial infection.
You've deployed solid network security products, which means today's attack vector of choice is through your applications," reports Michael Gavin in his January 3, 2006 research titled Application Firewalls - Are they Worth the investment?
Enterprises are facing an unprecedented increase in the complexity, scale and sophistication of cybersecurity attacks, with numerous studies pointing to compromised credentials as the leading attack vector.
They enable "frictionless enterprise" deployments of networked applications to be rolled out without increasing risk, while blocking the top attack vector used in hacking attacks worldwide: the compromise of low-privilege users and unfettered access to sensitive applications.
CryptoFlows Block #1 Attack Vector in Data Breach Crisis, Protecting Enterprise Applications When Firewalls Fail
As its operating system is unmanaged it is still vulnerable to the same malware security risks so does not decrease the attack vector on the endpoint.