attack submarine

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a military submarine designed and armed to attack enemy shipping

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With 53 fast attack submarines (SSNs) currently in the submarine fleet, both the Los Angeles- and Virginia-classes have multifaceted missions.
For people who watched, it will be hard to forget that Greeneville, above, is a Los Angeles-class attack submarine or that George Washington was the president who ordered the creation of the Purple Heart.
This audiobook of the discovery of the Hunley, the first attack submarine, should also be a welcome addition to any Civil War library collection.
nuclear attack submarine Greeneville as the submarine was performing a rapid-surfacing drill for the benefit of civilian guests.
towing a nuclear-powered attack submarine along the surface of the water.
A primary mission of those vessels was to fight the large Soviet attack submarine force.
Navy serving as Commanding Officer of USS Key West, a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine, where he was awarded the Legion of Merit for exceptional performance and the crew earned the Battle Efficiency Award for top submarine in the squadron.
Navy on Saturday christened its newest attack submarine, a $2.
Artful, a 7,400-tonne, 97-metrelong attack submarine, was officially named in front of thousands of guests in an event to mark the end of its build process at the Devonshire Dock Hall in Barrow-in-Furness.
New Delhi, Dec 31 (ANI): The much-awaited nuclear-powered attack submarine Nerpa has been handed over to India by Russia, thereby giving an impetus to the Indian Navy's fire-power.
The vessel - which is the UK's most powerful attack submarine - remained on view from 8am until the tide turned in the evening when it was freed by a tug.
Given that the average life of an attack submarine is 30 years, cutting 10 ships equates to a 20 percent reduction in the attack submarine force, said Rear Adm.
SEA trials of the Royal Navy's newest attack submarine have been halted after an electrical fire.
Yesterday's BAE Systems statement said, "BAE Systems announces that additional issues have arisen in relation to its Astute attack submarine and the Nimrod MRA4 aircraft programmes.
Weapons not usually seen by surface Sailors rest in the belly of the Los Angeles-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, USS Bremerton (SSN 698).