attack dog

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a watchdog trained to attack on command

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Now the higher pitched, almost wolf-like attack dogs, a second wave if you will, started to blend with the baying of' the hounds.
The latest incident happened on Sunday, January 9, and police want to trace the two men who were with the attack dogs.
Brock is still more attack dog than thinker, so his book provides only a smattering of understanding--but plenty of opportunities to slake partisan bloodlust.
As a way of rationalizing this, Lieberman confides that he was all set to play attack dog, but "the pollsters and the consultants counseled otherwise.
The owner of the alleged attack dog has multiple dogs of the same breed at their residence
THE owner of a Japanese Akita attack dog which savaged a passer-by was being hunted last night.
attack dog With attacks up 43 per cent, critics are angry the Government has failed to act more than a year after talks began on updating the Dangerous Dogs Act.
TORY attack dog Michael Gove launched a ranting assault yesterday on union "militants" he claims are to blame for the strike.
I dare say Mr Betteridge shall come under attack for his letter from the usual army of followers John Lines has around him, this usually includes how the Housing Department has improved under his stewardship but quite honestly this wasn't hard to achieve, as under Labour the department was constantly politically interfered with which John Lines, the attack dog of the Tory leadership, stopped upon assuming office allowing the splendid officers of the council Housing Department the chance to do their job, which they have with great skill and success.
But I know that, if the situation arose - if we were being attacked or robbed - that he would turn into a big attack dog.
Trained from childhood to be a human attack dog, Danny accompanies Bart and his gang on their collecting rounds.
As "the best illustration of the power of the far right to draw the mainstream into its web of lies," Alterman cites the purported savaging of David Brock, a conservative attack dog turned penitent liberal, after the publication of his memoir Blinded by the Right: The Conscience of an Ex-Conservative.
One of the area newspapers the family runs is The Independent, a thrice-weekly San Francisco free newspaper that has played the role of attack dog for the mayor, often lashing out at his opponents.
Campaigning MP John Spellar is to be Labour's UKIP attack dog.
Better that than doing the doe-eyed Sam Cam bit or becoming a husband's attack dog cum nanny, like Sarah Brown has.