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Synonyms for attach

attach yourself to or be attached to something


  • join
  • accompany
  • associate with
  • combine with
  • join forces with
  • latch on to
  • unite with
  • sign up with
  • become associated with
  • sign on with
  • affiliate yourself with

Synonyms for attach

to join one thing to another

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for attach

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Shigella, Salmonella, Cholera, Yersinia, and even some plant pathogens have genes for attaching to and effacing intestinal cells.
It also allows leveraging of existing storage devices by attaching them to the SAN through FC-SCSI bridges or FC-ESCON gateways.
The election is made by attaching a statement to the trust's income tax return for that year.
An IP SAN can be created by segmenting the LAN for IP storage traffic and attaching Web or application servers with an optional network attached storage (NAS) device.
Finn and Johnson now aim to modify the cowpea mosaic virus by attaching metals and other molecules so it can serve as a building block for new types of materials.
"Attaching files to e-mail instead of using FTP is the equivalent of using the postal service instead of a fax machine," says Daniel Dern, author of The Internet Guide for New Users (McGraw-Hill, 1994).
If needed, work with the customer on design modifications to improve temperature gradients for directional solidification, attaching feeders and quality control purposes.
I think it's conceivable that when 6-gig SAS shows up you could upgrade host side environments, and with a 6-gig link attaching to primarily 3-gig disk drives, you benefit by essentially implementing an aggregation strategy for the storage where you're getting throughput on the back end just because of the 6-gig link.
Attaching and effacing enteropathogenic Escherichia coli as a cause of infantile diarrhea in Bangkok.
For Darren Wallis, respecting his family's tree meant building the tree house around the tree, rather than attaching it.
This allows converters to create RFID inlays without the high accuracy and clean room requirements needed for attaching the bare microchip directly to the antenna.
Before attaching Mitchell's robotic arm, doctors rerouted nerves that had once carried signals from her brain to her left arm.