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Synonyms for attach

attach yourself to or be attached to something


  • join
  • accompany
  • associate with
  • combine with
  • join forces with
  • latch on to
  • unite with
  • sign up with
  • become associated with
  • sign on with
  • affiliate yourself with

Synonyms for attach

to join one thing to another

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for attach

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As expected of both EPEC and EHEC, both strains are capable of attaching and effacing as demonstrated by using the fluorescence actin staining test.
It also allows leveraging of existing storage devices by attaching them to the SAN through FC-SCSI bridges or FC-ESCON gateways.
Palomar's FAST 60 uses nano-positioning technology to fully automate the difficult task of aligning and attaching double-ended planar waveguides.
Second, directly attaching tape libraries to each NAS device could help avoid the labor costs and human errors, but for most companies, it proved to be prohibitively expensive.
Persons holding Subscription Warrants shall not, save for limited exceptions under the Securities Act, be able to exercise the right to subscribe for Series J Shares resulting from the Subscription Warrants and will not be able to transfer the rights attaching to Subscription Warrants unless in offshore transactions which comply with the Regulation S under the Securities Act or transactions made pursuant to registration exemptions under Rule 144 and 144A under the Securities Act or any other exemptions under the Securities Act (see the discussion in section 23.
When attaching private targets to a full fabric switch, the switch needs to be told that the port must do translation.
The combination of Reliaty Backup and DinoStor TapeServer enables users to take advantage of distance and speed enhancements by attaching tape storage devices on a network instead of directly to a dedicated server.
Palomar Technologies' automated assembly equipment, including the Model 3500-II die bonder, and the 2470 wedge bonder, eliminates manual processes by precisely placing and attaching microchips to their packaging.
Directly attaching to the optical backbone of corporations or the Internet can provide maximum storage throughput to enterprises hosting and managing large amounts of data.
Cisco has established a leadership position in data centers for channel attaching router-based networks directly to the mainframe.