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Synonyms for attach

attach yourself to or be attached to something


  • join
  • accompany
  • associate with
  • combine with
  • join forces with
  • latch on to
  • unite with
  • sign up with
  • become associated with
  • sign on with
  • affiliate yourself with

Synonyms for attach

to join one thing to another

to add as a supplement or an appendix

Synonyms for attach

References in classic literature ?
Remember how few amusements I have, and you will not wonder why I devote myself to teaching these pretty creatures their tricks, and attaching them to me like dogs
But Geoffrey's was the order of mind which expresses disturbance by attaching importance to trifles.
As you feel so keenly, in your own purse and person, the consequences of inattention to business, ma'am,' said Ralph, 'I am sure you will impress upon your children the necessity of attaching themselves to it early in life.
In the same manner as in Tierra del Fuego, the Indian language appears singularly well adapted for attaching names to the most trivial features of the land.
In that profound calm the interest attaching to the least action, word, or gesture became immense.
Take the analogy of the body: The evil of the body is a disease which wastes and reduces and annihilates the body; and all the things of which we were just now speaking come to annihilation through their own corruption attaching to them and inhering in them and so destroying them.
Do they by attaching to the soul and inhering in her at last bring her to death, and so separate her from the body ?
you think of attaching the slightest importance to anything that is said or done by poor Launce?
Confining ourselves, for the moment, to sensations, we find that there are different degrees of publicity attaching to different sorts of sensations.
The gentle tender-hearted Amelia Sedley was the only person to whom she could attach herself in the least; and who could help attaching herself to Amelia?
Baghdad (NINA) - MP from the Iraqiya Slate, Khudier Al Zobae, described the Federal Court's taking back its decree of attaching the independent commissions to the cabinet as a positive step, calling for attaching the remaining two commissions, Electoral Commission and Central Bank, to the parliament.
Unfortunately, tree houses can be a deal breaker for some arborists and tree lovers, who argue that attaching any kind of structure to or around a tree disrupts its environment and growth cycle.
The PDF may be retrieved from the save location or the Sent Mailbox folder of your e-mail system * Attach Shortcut -- Work collaboratively with others in your office by attaching network shortcuts to files instead of the entire document * "Send To" Integration -- Attach Plus allows you to send open files as attachments from Word, Excel and other MAPI compliant programs to a new e-mail or an e-mail in progress.
By attaching backup servers to the SAN and enabling "IP-over-Fibre" for them, the SAN-attached servers will allow backup traffic that used to travel over the LAN to travel over the SAN using IP.
coli (EPEC), a leading cause of infant diarrhea in developing countries, the ability to induce the attaching and effacing effect on host cells.