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a shallow and rectangular briefcase


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After reading the newspaper article I found it hard to believe that it was an accident, especially as the brown leather attache case with money in it was missing when they found Edward's body.
Unlike a stiff attache case, which has a carry handle, a man bag has a strap and is usually made of soft leather or canvas, allowing men to sling it across their backs.
The package is rounded out with a faux alligator pink attache case with high-polish stainless steel trim.
The takedown rifle came in an attache case, so that's the way I traveled with it.
I put it into a little black attache case with pink velvet inside, and she said I'll call you on Friday.
Also available is a limitededition attache case featuring a lithograph signed by one of the band for pounds 1,999.
Meanwhile, a neat cube which can easily be packed into an attache case can contain all the wondrous grandeur of Wagner's Ring cycle.
Special Smirnoff packs will include a bottle inside a cocktail shaker and a white leatherette attache case containing a cocktail making kit, expected to sell for about 50 [pounds sterling] in top-end stores such as Selfridges.
12 DITCH the handbag and go for a more professional approach with this Jasper Conran attache case, priced pounds 49, from Debenhams.
His attache case and blazer badge set him apart from the punks and stoners, but his years of seeing the family psychiatrist turn him into the school's unofficial shrink, giving advice from a toilet cubicle.
BEFORE Christmas I offered readers the chance to scoop a deluxe poker chip set, complete with stylish metal attache case, courtesy of the nice people at Ladbrokes Poker.
There's also a host of free activity sessions lined up over the six weeks' holiday, at which the young spies can learn all the tricks of the trade ( from making a spy disguise, attache case, camera and binoculars to cracking secret codes.
Hot on his trail is another government type, a cheerfully demonic functionary named Welch bearing an attache case full of torture devices, patriotic cookies and -- most significantly -- row upon row of American flags.
But who wants to get caught sneaking Ring Dings out of the attache case at work?
Most recently, Metrokane introduced its Attache Case Gift Set at the Dallas Gift Show.