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Synonyms for attach to

be present or associated with an event or entity

be part of

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a) Moving expenses: Complete Form 3903, Moving Expenses, and attach to the return.
In addition, because routers can have a built-in programmable driver, one can attach to any storage or network equipment that is compatible with Fibre Channel, SCSI, or IBM serial disk protocols.
It supports direct attach to HP ProLiant and HP Integrity servers and the cascading of enclosures in a 1+3 configuration, which allows customers to easily increase capacity as their storage needs grow.
FC configurations allow users to create enterprise-capable storage networks where most, if not all, production data servers can attach to a common storage pool via 100MB/sec fibre-optic cables.
If a highly toxic molecule is attached to genetically engineered CD4 proteins, laboratory tests show the HIV protein on infected cells will attach to those CD4 proteins and the toxin will enter and kill the cell, report scientists from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas and Genentech, Inc.
While allowing private loops to attach to switches is not part of the Fibre Channel standard, switch vendors have been incorporating the ability to attach them in order to allow communication between all types of Fibre Channel devices.