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Louis, MO, USA), 33 [micro]g/100 g body weight (bw); parathion (sc; Bayer, Santiago, Chile), 250 [micro]g/100 g bw; malathion (sc; Fyfanon TM, Cheminova, Denmark), 17 mg/100 g bw; atropine (ip; Sigma), 250 [micro]g/100 g bw; combination of eserine and atropine; and combination of malathion and atropine at the dosages previously indicated.
I put in an IV,'' Roche said, ``and I gave him one milligram of atropine.
Several reasons prevent widespread adoption of atropine as a method of myopia control: risk of ocular and systemic side effects; possible rebound effect; and a poor understanding of the mechanisms by which myopia progression is being controlled.
At that point, neostigmine 30 [micro]g/kg and atropine 15 [micro]g/kg were given with the result that the rate of recovery increased and a TOF ratio of 100% was reached within five minutes.
Atropine injection by itself is effective only for a short time.
The agents--available under numerous trade names--include atropine, belladonna, dicyclomine, glycopyrrolate, L-hyoscyamine, mepenzo-late, methscopolamine, propantheline, and scopolamine.
This immediate bronchoconstriction was inhibited by 49% (compared with untreated animals) in animals that were pretreated with budesonide, by 71% in animals pretreated with albuterol, by 58% in animals pretreated with atropine, and by 47% in animals pretreated with diphenhydramine.
atropine injection, syringe with needle, NSN 6505-00-926-9083
Additional Atropine and electric shock were administered before the patient was resuscitated.
They learn what to do if they're exposed to VX nerve gas: Get an injection of the antidote atropine within three minutes or face an excruciating death just a few moments later.
The hand written Arabic-language notes state that elite units of the Iraqi military have been issued with new chemical warfare suits and supplies of the drug atropine, used to counter the effects of nerve gas.
Atropine has obvious dual military and civilian applications (an antidote for nerve agents, it is also used to counter heart attacks and diarrhea).
A new study reported in the March issue of Archives of Ophthalmology found that atropine eye drops placed once a day in the unaffected eye to treat amblyopia, or lazy eye, work as well as the standard treatment of patching one eye.
A medicine called atropine is used to dilate the pupil and blur vision by temporarily weakening the focusing muscle inside the eye.
Atropine is a drug known to inhibit the progression of myopia in children; however, there are side effects associated with its use such as blurred vision and photophobia.