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Synonyms for atrophy

Synonyms for atrophy

to become lower in quality, character, or condition

Synonyms for atrophy

a decrease in size of an organ caused by disease or disuse

any weakening or degeneration (especially through lack of use)


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undergo atrophy

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Studying a small piece of muscle tissue taken from an individual during a muscle biopsy often enables a pathologist to determine whether a disorder is one of the spinal muscular atrophies.
Blood tests are administered to evaluate the levels of certain enzymes, helping to distinguish the spinal muscular atrophies from other neuromuscular diseases.
All of the spinal muscular atrophies are caused by one or more gene defects.
If your physician suspects that you or your child may be affected by one of the spinal muscular atrophies, call your local MDA office immediately to arrange for an appointment at the nearest MDA clinic.
Some symptoms of certain spinal muscular atrophies can be alleviated with the expert medical management that is available at MDA clinics.