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Synonyms for rhinitis

an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose (usually associated with nasal discharge)

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However, it is well documented that turbinectomy often leads to untoward side effects, including dryness, crusting, bleeding, pain, recurrent feelings of nasal obstruction, and atrophic rhinitis.
3'4) These changes result in a decrease in defense activity, and they may also lead to crusting and/or atrophic rhinitis.
Postoperative complications of turbinate resection include bleeding, crusting, synechia formation, frontal duct stenosis, anosmia, airflow changes, osteitis, cerebrospinal fluid leaks, atrophic rhinitis, and recurrence of hypertrophy.
Other than the deficiency of the septal cartilage (without perforation), our patient experienced no untoward complications such as septal perforation, local spread, central nervous system involvement, atrophic rhinitis, or nasal stenosis.
Complete surgical closure of the nasal cavities for the treatment of atrophic rhinitis was first described by Young in 1967.