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an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nose (usually associated with nasal discharge)

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Chronic atrophic rhinitis and Klebsiella ozaenae infection].
But the biggest cost is usually from slow growth and poor feed conversion caused by diseases such as atrophic rhinitis and pneumonia.
One possible adverse effect of surgery is atrophic rhinitis, a serious complication of overly aggressive turbinate surgery that results in extensive damage to the mucosa.
Atrophic rhinitis cases were given medical treatment for 6 weeks till mucosa is healthy and nasal cavity is free from crusts before taken up for revision surgery.
a history of atrophic rhinitis or rhinitis medicamentosa within 60 days of screening;
Table 13: Immediate Post-operative complications Group I Group II Post-operative hemorrhage 0 3 Crusting 59 58 Table 14: Post-operative complications at 3th month Group I Group II Dryness of nose Adhesion 2 Atrophic rhinitis Table 15: Post-operative complications at 6th month Group I Group II Dryness of nose -- 1 Adhesion -- Atrophic rhinitis
3'4) These changes result in a decrease in defense activity, and they may also lead to crusting and/or atrophic rhinitis.
Non allergic rhinitis includes idiopathic rhinitis/vasomotor rhinitis or NANIPER (Nonallergic non-infectious perennial rhinitis), non-allergic occupational rhinitis, hormonal rhinitis, drug induced rhinitis, other forms (NARES), rhinitis due to physical and chemical factors, food induced rhinitis, emotional rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis.