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an infection caused by fungi of the genus Monilia or Candida (especially Candida albicans)

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Atrophic candidiasis presents as hyperaemic mucosa commonly found on the hard palate or dorsal tongue, and angular cheilitis presents as tender erythematous fissured oral commissures.
Differential diagnosis includes atrophic candidiasis, psoriasis, atrophic lichen planus, leukoplakia, systemic lupus erythomatosis, Reiters syndrome (5) etc.
Atrophic candidiasis is also part of the differential, and in the case of our patient, it was a concomitant infection.
This area is more susceptible to recurring, chronic atrophic candidiasis.
Median rhomboid glossitis, angular cheilitis (perleche), and often chronic atrophic candidiasis are mixed bacterial/fungal microflora (Holmstrup & Axell, 1990; Shay et al.