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Synonyms for atrium

an area partially or entirely enclosed by walls or buildings

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any chamber that is connected to other chambers or passageways (especially one of the two upper chambers of the heart)

the central area in a building

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In this framework the roof structure of the atrium is an issue where contemporary interpretations of material evidence are at odds with Vitruvius' textual definitions.
In addition, the terms "open" and "closed" oversimplify the spatial richness of the atrium houses.
name the atrium as cavum aedium, which stands for the "hollow of the house" (Robertson, 1969, 302).
This definition implied that the atrium was "a waiting room designed to receive and accommodate clients and visitors".
Should current market trends continue and warrant the continuous expansion of com firms into prime office facilities, The Fashion Atrium will be a first choice for many growing companies.
Over the past four years, 40% of the tenant spaces have been rebuilt and the impressive lower facade, waterfall lobby and atrium make 485 Seventh Avenue one of the most aesthetically pleasing in the area.
Atriums are also featured in office buildings such as Citicorp Center in New York and Pennzoil Place in Houston.
Hyatt atriums remain a success story because Hyatt architects consistently take the concept further than many others do.
In 1989, a new concept of atriums was developed with the opening of one of the most architecturally striking hotels in the world: Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.
That's how one major hotelier described Hyatt Regency Atlanta, the hotel that suffered nearly universal ridicule upon construction in 1967, but was to offer one of the most influential and most copied architectural forms of its time: the atrium.
The word atrium became part of every architect's working vocabulary, if not a household word.
A previous software experience became incredibly frustrating and costly when we didn't have the control to adapt the system to our work processes," said Lori Blandford, marketing and communications manager, Atrium Staffing.
Atrium is the leading woman-owned staffing company in the New York metro area, with a unique Applicant-Centric approach to recruitment.
com's unique CRM Success Program provides Atrium with a wide range of free resources on an ongoing basis.