atrium of the heart

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MR is caused by a leaking mitral valve, which then causes blood to regurgitate from the left ventricle to the left atrium of the heart. Over time, the condition can lead to or accelerate heart failure and heart rhythm problems.
Dr Baslaib explained that most clots originate in a section in the left atrium of the heart called left atrial appendage (LAA).
Located in Israel, V-Wave has developed and is clinically testing a proprietary percutaneously implanted unidirectional shunt that straddles the wall dividing the right and left atrium of the heart. The device regulates left atrial pressure.
It is situated in the right atrium of the heart near the junction with the superior vena cava.
Depending on whether the veins are blocked as they drain into the right atrium of the heart, this can cause the child to look blue and experience respiratory difficulties.
Mr MacDonald added: "The one that killed her punctured her left lung and went into the left atrium of the heart."