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Synonyms for groove

Synonyms for groove

a habitual, laborious, often tiresome course of action

groove on: to like or enjoy enthusiastically, often excessively

Synonyms for groove

a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e

a settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape


(anatomy) any furrow or channel on a bodily structure or part

make a groove in, or provide with a groove

Related Words

hollow out in the form of a furrow or groove

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The posterobasal portion of the heart represents the zone of insertion of the ventricles on atrioventricular groove and heart cytoskeleton, and it is surrounded by important structures such as the posterior mitral annulus and leaflet on the inside, and the terminal branches of left circumflex coronary artery, right coronary artery, and coronary sinus on the outside.
Visibility of the right coronary artery is limited due to its location within the atrioventricular groove, which causes cardiac motion artifacts on images.
In order to facilitate anastomoses, several techniques have been suggested such as gentle compression of atrioventricular groove (3) but to our knowledge, this is the first report suggesting use of an intracoronary shunt during such an on-pump procedure.
The right coronary artery (RCA) arises from the right anterior sinus of Valsalva and coursing through the right atrioventricular groove.
5 cm/Ao-RV Stowers F/28 7 x 6 cm/Ao-LV-LA-PA Ren F/36 12 x 10 cm/LA-LV Haouzi M/30 7 x 6 x 4 cm/LA-PA Southern F/12 Posterior atrioventricular groove Kawasuji M/46 4.
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